NUMEROUS Reports of Abuse and Harassment by EPD Officers QUIGLEY and LAIRD

Such reports are nothing new, however, Quigley has not been so visible for a little while until recently, and Laird was seen for a while in plain clothes, riding around in a patrol car with Officer Rolofson.


Now, both Quigley and Laird are back on the streets, insulting, harassing, ticketing, and treating houseless people in a VILE manner.  Please go down to the free meal area (St. Vincent de Paul's Dining, on West 3rd Street) to observe and listen for yourself.  Your presence is important.


This is only one of many recent reports- this one from Curtis Surpless, who is temporarily sheltered:

A couple of houseless people spoke with me about tickets they got from Officer Laird. One got a jaywalking ticket, the other a ticket for sleeping in public. The jaywalking ticket was given for crossing the street from "the wall" to free meal. The other ticket was given for sleeping on the dock at the free meal location. Both people were told that the tickets were given to them "thanks to Mr. Surpless posting his comments and opinions on the Internet."   So, being vindictive, was the only reason that they received thier tickets.


Officer Adam Laird is one of the EPD cops who murdered Martin Cotton II- beat him to death.

Quigley is notorious for hurting, bruising, insulting, and wrongfully arresting poor (and otherwise vulnerable) people.