"...general conspiracy to prevent life prisoners from paroling..."

Below quote from site : It's About Time- Black Panther Party Legacy and Alumni

On May 10, 2000, one Mr. Albert M. Leddy released a declaration, which read in part:

“I was attorney at law, currently retired... Between 1983 to 1992, I served as a commissioner and then as Chairman for the Board of Prison Terms (BPT).  At one point I became concerned enough about the ‘no parole policy’ that I wrote a nine-page brief about how we were not complying with the laws. I gave a copy to each Board member, pointing out that we could be sued.  Such a no-parole policy is contrary to Penal Code § 3041 which requires that BPT Shall normally set a parole date in most cases,i,e, unless the prisoners is shown to pose a threat to public safety...

“It has been clear to me that there is a general conspiracy to prevent life prisoners from paroling, especially those whose offenses include murder... If you can deny a prisoner suitability solely on the basis of the crime, you can deny him forever. The crime won’t change. The parole law is based on the idea that prisoners do change, and become no danger to public safety...”