"Hundreds of People Took to the Streets Demanding Justice..."

Justice for Robert Mitchell

Hundreds of people took to the streets on May 21 demanding justice for Robert Mitchell, 16, who died after being tased by Warren police. Mitchell, who had fled from a police stop in Warren, was chased into Detroit, where he was apprehended, tased and later died on April 10.

The demonstration was organized by the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality and the family of Robert Mitchell. Several other groups, including the Detroit NAACP, the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI), and Detroit City of Hope, helped organize the demonstration.

The gathering started with a rally at the Boys & Girls Club field on the city’s northeast side. They marched to Eight Mile Road—the border with Warren—where they chanted slogans demanding justice for Robert Mitchell.

Shouts of “No justice, no peace!” and “Justice for Robert Mitchell!” reverberated throughout the community. Most of the march participants were youth who either knew the victim or were from the community. Others came to express their concern and outrage at the continuing scourge of death-by-law-enforcement.

The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality has been organizing against police misconduct for over 10 years. According to spokesperson Ron Scott, the group has investigated dozens of allegations of brutality and the unnecessary use of lethal force just this year alone. Several years ago, the DCAPB launched a successful campaign to ban the use of tasers by Detroit police.

In a statement issued by the DCAPB, the organization called for “the establishment of a Warren-Detroit peace zone; the immediate suspension of taser use by law enforcement; and the prosecution of the officers involved in Mitchell’s murder.”

The family of Robert Mitchell has filed a wrongful-death civil lawsuit against the City of Warren. “This is a blessing,” said Cora Mitchell of the outcome of the demonstration. “We need to start to take back our communities.”

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Published Jun 7, 2009 8:52 PM
The above article excerpt came from WORKER'S WORLD.  The full title is: Justice for Robert Mitchell
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