Operation: Wake Up and Move!

Report from April 12, 2009


For years now, the homeless have been permitted to sleep on the property of St. Bernard's Catholic Church without incident. Being one of the homeless who do so, I have befriended both Father Allen and the caretaker, Fritz. When the Father steps out of his door every morning to fetch his paper, he has continued to acknowledge my presence with "Good Morning Curtis". Once I'm finally up and ready to take on the day, I use the restroom that Fritz opens for us to use. This has remained routine since at least the early 90's.


At 12:50AM on April 9, 2009, I was woke up at St. Bernard's by EPD Officer Sanchez. "Are you Catholic?", he started off. "Do you go to this church? Well I am Catholic and I do go to this church, and I don't want you sleeping at my church", he continued. Before leaving the area, Officer Sanchez said that I would be ticketed next time. When I left, I went directly to people from Redwood Curtain Copwatch(http://www.redwoodcurtaincopwatch.net)and reported what had happened. I then went back to the church, fell back to sleep, was woke up with the Father saying Good Morning, told him what happened earlier, and went about my normal activities. Without police interruption, I've continued sleeping there. That is, until Sanchez woke me up tonight at just about the same time as two nights ago. The only dialogue was Sanchez saying "Mr. Surpless, move on", not to mention that there was no ticket. Once again, I reported it to Copwatch, this time deciding that these incidents should be posted.


Like before, I am returning to St. Bernard's to go to sleep. What kind of crime is that?

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