Two Cops Killed Today on Fruitvale in Oakland. What's REALLY Goin' On?

afternoon of March 21, 2009

I just received a call from the SF Bayview Newspaper's editor about 2 cops killed on Fruitvale in East Oakland today.

According to witnesses at the scene of the homicide,

the killer is a "nice" (?) man,
coming out of a "nice" car,
stopped at a busy corner where Black Youth is customarily harassed by OaklandPD.

The following thoughts immediately came up for us,
(not necessarily later corroborated by upcoming, more informed recounts of what happened):

1) Mafia hit?
Who can calmly come out of one's car, and be professionally trained to cleanly blast a couple of beat officers?

and, more disquietingly so:

(as it is pivotal to reframe this killing within the current Oakland political, raging context around the case of the Murder of Oscar Grant by Bart Police):

2) Who can successfully pull away after blasting 2 cops ?
and still not be found at this minute ?

3) Isn't there a security camera at a "busy, crime infested corner??
Surely the now dead officers, who apparently spent a while around the killer's car, placed a call to central dispatch before getting shot.

4) How come we are yet not hearing ANYTHING from Helicopters operators hovering above East Oakland and neighboring HIGHWAYS ?

Surely our Black and Brown folks do not get to walk or drive away
or come out alive
after merely :

* pulling up sagging pants,
* making any "sudden" 45 degree angle move,
* reaching for their wallet to show ID upon officers' explicit request
(and "assumed" as attempting to pull out a knife, or a gun)
* begging not to be tasered or killed,
* or batting an eyelash the "wrong" way.

Then this came to mind:
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
   “I was hired, along with another guy, and paid to shoot and kill Faulkner". This cop, Arnold Beverly was not deemed as credible, since  Albert Sabo—known as the “King of Death Row”—was overheard by a court stenographer saying, “I’m going to help ’em fry the n----r.”


Wouldn't it be a miracle in the Police political mud bucket....

to sacrifice 2 beat cops, who will be celebrated as "National Heroes" behind a double casualty happening, of all places on FRUITVALE, the very theater of Oscar Grant III's assassination by Homeland Security/BART Police , hardly three and a half month ago?

While petitions by the thousands are gathered to fire DA Tom Orloff, dismantle Bart Police and create Oversight,the bar of the wrongful death lawsuit raised at 50 M (biggest ever in the Bay Area), political routing of the public opinion to empathize with BEAT cops and any demagogic strategies to justify their presence and beef up their budgetprobably have them brainstorming like crazy.

Yes, to me, this possibly reeks of public opinion manipulation, his might  be the latest "Police Miracle", and hardly in disguise.

"You see ? You NEED us, your Heroes, to catch the BAD GUYS !!!"

I really do not look forward to the corporate media's enthusiastic and sensationalist follow up.

SFPD beat the crap out of March 20 protesters at SF Civic Center.... including a 14 yr. child.


Oakland, as we speak, is literally crawling with cops .

According to a SF Bayview' source, Black Youth is seeking refuge at parents and friends houses, frightened and under siege by the overwhelming paramilitary occupation of East Oakland ever since the murder.
God save our babies...
More to be revealed.....

mesha Monge-Irizarry
and the ISARC team.