Forced Entry and Abuse: coordinated injustice from cops, court, lawyers

I saw copwatch holding signs and being heard down 7th street in Eureka yesterday.  A member of CopWatch stopped and spoke to me. I told her a story of why I thought that CopWatch is such a good organization and that I had been subject to police bullying. I wanted to share my incident with you.
The officer that was initiating the arrest on me was officer Terry Liles of the EPD. I know that I was mistreated and targeted based on my demographics. I was living in Eureka. It was my first apartment with my boyfriend and it was next to a bed and breakfast. We were having a housewarming get together with some friends and family. There was alcohol there, but nothing illegal. I chose to drink just a little beer in order to keep my wits while I had people at my house. I was in no sense drunk or incoherent.
The police arrived at my house and asked me to turn my music down because the neighbors at the bed and breakfast were complaining. I turned the music playing on the television down 12 notches and walked outside to assure that it was not heard from outside. Thinking that all was well I continued to socialize. Within an hour, the police returned at about 9:30pm. My front door was closed and the police turned the door handle and came into my house, they came right at me with force. I had no idea what they were doing and why they were handling me roughly.
I asked several times what they were doing and if I was under arrest. I was extremely scared. I thought that I was being taken by fake cops, that were going to continue to hurt me. I pulled away from the police several times, because there was not reason for me to be arrested.
And in the 20+ times I asked what I did or why I was being arrested I received NO responses. The police would not tell me anything.
There were about four or five officer's involved in this arrest. I asked several of them what their badge numbers were, and received NO response.
I was flung around like a rag doll by the officer and handcuffed, then put into the back seat of the police car.
I asked the police officer what his badge number was several times and why I was being arrested, he said I do not need to know that information and would not tell me after I asked him continually.
The officer drove around the corner where there were two other police cars. The officer stopped and took me from his vehicle and put me into another police vehicle with another officer and he asked me to state that I had broke the law that I was guilty of breaking the law. I said that I had not done anything wrong and that he was breaking the law and that this incident of switching me into another police vehicle was shady.
When I got to the police station the county deputies were trying to get me to say that I had been drinking excessively. I stated that I was very much sober and was going to sue their offices. They told me that I was being held for lying to a police officer, suspicion of disturbing the peace & resisting arrest. I bailed out before being put into a cell. My bail was $10,000.
That morning I went to the hospital to make sure that the bruising on my body was not a sprain. The officer's infliction left deep bruising of my muscle tissue that greatly restricted my range of motion. I got the hospital report and made a formal police report with the EPD.
I had several witnesses whom saw the police officers open my front door man-handle me. I brought 4 witnesses to court with me for 6 court dates and the court would not hear them each time.
Finally, we went in front of Judge Brown at the Humboldt County Court, whom suggested that I be on diversion for 6 months and then the charges would be dropped. I did not want to do that, but this had dragged on and my witnesses had jobs to go to and my Public Defender who was constantly trying to get me to plea out to a charge.
The public defenders are clearly not working for their clients, but for the county. I stood strongly on stating my innocence and took the diversion.
I hate that I still have mug shots out there though, as well as fingerprints. Nothing has become of the police complaint I filed in October 2005. I see officer Liles periodically and I feel disgust.
During this process I went to my neighbor's house (an in-home business) to get a statement, and he said that the District Attorney's office had called him and told him that I was a deviant who was trying to get him to lie. He would not talk to me about this situation and believed what they had told him! WOW they all work closely together and I do not trust in their ability to provide justice.