"Where do I go?" Cops arrest people for EXISTING poor

Recently, some of us witnessed 4 (that's right FOUR) Eureka Police Officers arresting a woman for sitting in a covered bus stop late at night with only a blanket in her hand.  Three vehicles, two of them K-9 units, were there.  The officers were: Adam Laird (Badge #40), Kurt Rulofson (new guy), Ed Wilson (Badge #96), and Mike Guy (Badge #63).   The woman asked the officers, "Where do I go?"    She told them "I didn't do anything."  But, you see, if you sit somewhere in public at night, when you have no other place to go, you get arrested.   After the woman was HANDCUFFED, male officer Rolofson, in the presence of the other cops and 4 copwatchers, searched her.  That means he put his hands in her ass pockets and felt all over for... something (found nothing).  It happens quite often here in Eureka- male officers searching women.   The woman was CITED and RELEASED LATER THAT NIGHT (or wee hours of the morning).  Undoubtedly, she was sent back to the streets (where there is NO legal place to be or sleep) WITHOUT HER BLANKET which was seized by the cops and, as is customary, kept at the Jail until a "business day."  If the woman wants her blanket (and it hasn't been destroyed), she has to march up to the Sheriff's desk on a week day only, show ID, and jump through the hoops to get it back.