COTTON DAY August 9th 2013

Cotton Day        August 9, 2013



You are Loved!

Siehna and her Daddy, Martin "Freddy" Cotton



August 9th

On August 9, 2007, Eureka police officers Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, Gary Whitmer, and 5 others beat an unarmed Martin Cotton II to death. In broad daylight, officers pummeled Martin's head and body, then brought Martin to jail, never giving him medical treatment. Medical care could have saved his life. Martin died in the jail cell of blunt force head trauma, writhing in pain, within two hours.

(Read More to see photos of the Eureka Officers who beat Martin)

The fatal beating of Martin Cotton occurred outside the Eureka Rescue Mission. Police went to the Mission for a disturbance involving Martin. When they arrived, Martin was no longer in the Mission and was alone and defenseless. Laird and Winkle claimed he did not move. However, both officers pepper sprayed him, Winkle kneed him in the ribs and forced him to the ground where the officers beat him continually. Martin made no moves against the police, his body prone on the concrete. Whitmer showed up, gave a running kick to Martin, battered him with a baton, and pepper-sprayed him. More officers arrived and beat on Martin. Police admitted they sat on Martin, forced his head onto the concrete throughout the beating, kicked him, hit him with a metal baton, kneed at his vulnerable organs, deployed pepper spray three times, and did not seek medical assistance for him afterward. Witnesses saw Officer Winkle pounding on Martin's skull multiple times on the concrete. Police threatened witnesses who tried to film. Frank Jager, then Humboldt Coroner, tried to cover up the murder.

The City and people of Eureka MUST not forget
Martin Cotton.

Stop police abuse and murder!

August 9th is COTTON DAY


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JUSTIN WINKLE                              






ADAM LAIRD                     





GARY WHITMER                 


    ...In memory of Martin Freddy Cotton.

    In protest of the police violence that took

    his life.