"The Establishment" by Robin, 1998

The Establishment


Mr. D.A. Man,

You claim to speak “for the people,”

But you DO NOT speak for me!

For I am one of those who wants my good friend to be free!

How dare you claim to speak for me!

But we don’t have a choice.

We speak by our presence, though mute is our voice.

Cops with overhanging bellies dressed in uniform

To see society’s rules are kept; that we all stay in “the norm.”

You won’t let us speak out in court, to make our voices heard:

Our presence is silent witness, though our lips speak not a word.

Victims of The System, a system based on greed,

A system based on power and wealth can’t see another’s need.

A system based on punishment, a system with no heart!

Where injustice is called justice: Lives are torn apart!

We will stand strong together; see this through to the end.

Our friend who’s held unjustly will be set free again!

The System will grind on and on: A system based on lies,

A system based on hate and greed can’t possibly survive!

Injustice and corruption, with people’s lives at stake:

We the people have had just about all we can take!

There needs to be a lot of change, but what is the solution?

Will the changes happen peacefully, or will there be revolution?


Robin Johnson Holston

May 4, 1998