"The System" by Robin, 1998

(it's interesting what you find when going through old diaries and notebooks!)


The System

System made of humans, yet inhuman.
System where you can’t communicate
In any way, shape, or form to a prisoner in the courtroom,
System that makes it a crime to mouthe “I love you”
To a prisoner, they to you, or you to them.
System made of humans, yet dehumanizing.
System made of laws:
“The people vs. so-and-so,
You’ve violated section
123456789 of the penal code.”
Yada Yada Ya!
“And now that we have you where we want you,
You’re guilty till proven innocent.
We’ll see to it that you’re treated that way!”
“You’re a menace to society by virtue of the fact that you’re locked up!
We’ll keep you locked up,
Taking our own sweet time about letting you out,
Regardless of how you or anyone else feels about it!”
System with a stony heart, you dehumanize people,
Steal their heart away, drain their life force day by day!
You take away peoples’ sanity till they feel all is vanity!
All they can do is hope that you’ll let them off the rope.
Till then, they stay locked away, day, after week, after month, after day!
System, you don’t give a care
How long you leave us up in the air.
In the meantime an innocent man is locked away
While you steal his life force day by day.
System with no heart, I doubt you’ll ever get smart.
System made of laws that turns people into zombies,
What ever shall we do with you?
Take out the politics, take out the money,
You’re so corrupt it’s not even funny!
Care about people, care about lives,
Grow a new heart, then you will survive.

Robin Johnson Holston
April 23, 1998