Oct 23, 2012: IN MEMORY OF CHRIS BURGESS... Stop the Criminalization of a Generation! (pg6 2012 Days of Action booklet)


Born Jan.6, 1990            Killed Oct. 23, 2006

Chris Burgess was well-loved by many in the community, WAS NOT VIOLENT, and had been thrown into the juvenile "injustice" system when he was very young.

On October 23, 2006, just months after the EPD shot and killed Cheri Lyn Moore in her apartment, Eureka Police Officer Terry Liles shot and killed 16 year-old Christopher Burgess . Liles had pulled Christopher out of bed because he had not reported to probation when he was 13, and beat him, fracturing his skull.

On October 23,2006, Liles shot young Christopher in the heart after chasing him. This is atrocious.

TERRY LlLES MUST BE FIRED. The police must be held accountable. The system that criminalized Christopher Burgess mustn't continue to devalue the lives of fellow members of our community. We must band together to protect and support one another, especially those of the next generations,as they are our future.

2012 marks the 17th year of organizing for October 22 - National Day of Action Against Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. As we celebrate a new generation of activism and resistance to the police state, we also mourn as a community over the loss of our youth. October 23, 2012 is our 6th annual day of remembrance for Chris Burgess. Remembrance and Resistance.

We stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable people in our community who are criminalized for being poor, young, indigenous, ill, houseless, people of color ... criminalized for simply BEING. We are enraged that murder and cruelty is standard practice. We will continue to build resistance to the fear,repression, and imprisonment imposed by this police state.
Resisting abuses of power is both necessary and possible. We gather to protest, to remember, & to build a safer dignified future.