RIP Oscar Grant. Protests in Bay Area Against Murders By Police Of Oscar Grant and Others

Oscar Grant, 22, was murdered in cold blood by BART police just two hours into the new year.  He was the loving father of a 4-year-old daughter, a fact he told the police just as he was shot.
Video of BART cop murdering Oscar
IndyMedia Coverage:  Mehserle Arrested, Protests Continue January 14th Protest Against Murder Of Oscar Grant The BART police officer filmed shooting Oscar Grant on New Year's Day was arrested on January 13th, one day before a planned protest in Oakland.

On January 14th, thousands gathered in front of Oakland City Hall for a rally to protest the shooting. Speakers at the rally included Dereca Blackmon of Coalition Against Police Executions (CAPE), Oakland mayor Ron Dellums and rapper Too Short. After an hour of speakers there was a march to the DA's office and then back to City Hall. Before the rally, Christina Gomez from the Coalition Against Police Execution (CAPE) stated that the rally would "be a day for us to share this good news with folks. The job is not done. He has been arrested but he has not yet been prosecuted. We have to put pressure on DA Orloff. The fight is definitely not over.”

After the main protests ended, there was a break-away protest. Around 8:20pm the Wells Fargo near 12th and Broadway was attacked and several fires were set. Police moved in with tear-gas and over the next few hours there were at least 8 arrests. Breaking Coverage

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There have been protests and meetings nearly every day since last Wednesday, when downtown Oakland erupted with social unrest, including one Monday night in San Francisco.

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On Monday January 12th, BART police handed over evidence to Alameda County District Attorney (DA) Tom Orloff on the shooting. Johannes Mehserle has refused to say anything but police say they questioned the six other BART police officers who were on the scene. BART police also say they questioned 21 people who witnessed the shooting, but police decided to make no recommendation on whether charges should be filed in their hand-off to the DA.

Alameda DA Orloff had said he didn't plan to charge Mehserle until the end of next week but it is now thought that he could respond sooner.

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