Murl Harpham Violates Houseless People, And Is Proud Of It

The solution is
“just to make it uncomfortable here for them.”

                  -Murl Harpham speaks about houseless Eureka residents




"But the main problem's there's no bathroom facility,” he said. “It's all draining right into the bay.”

... At least twice a week, he said, officers sweep [destroy] homeless camps.

But without any place to move to, the camp's residents are forced to find another
space to set up camp.

We just keep moving them around,”
Harpham said. “It satisfies the people who complained, but they're someplace else..."

After a complaint is issued, Harpham said Eureka officers respond to tell the trespassers to leave. Their information is reviewed in a database, and if they are repeat offenders, they are either arrested or cited.




Humboldt Authorities Combat Transient Camps

Officer Profiles: