Lane Violates Rights of Houseless People Regularly

Talking with men who have worked on the CalTrans crews while incarcerated at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility [jail],we learn that Correctional Officer LANE (who recently trained another correctional officer for his job running CalTrans crew) regularly destroys the camps and belongings of houseless persons.  In addition, Lane has committed other crimes against houseless persons that are truly despicable.  Here are some of the accounts:

Lane found a man sleeping in a dumpster near the jail.  Lane closed the dumpster and locked it with the man inside.

Lane orders his crews to take belongings of houseless people and throw them in the CalTrans yard where they get thrown in the dumpster.

Lane dismantles and destroys sleeping sites of houseless people.  After one such attack in Spring of 2008 while none of the people were at their sleeping spot, Lane found a rotting, maggot-infested deer carcass.  Lane dragged the carcass up to the spot where people has been sleeping- and left it there.

While driving southbound on Highway 101 with the Cal Trans jail crew, Lane saw a person sleeping under a tree a safe distance from the road.  Lane made a sudden u-turn and stopped.  He then ripped the mattress out from under the woman who was sleeping, took her belongings, and told her to leave of go to jail.  The woman was forced awake to walk down the highway with NOTHING.

Lane commonly tells houseless people:  "You're a worthless piece of shit" and other cruel, derogatory, and hateful comments.

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