Days of Action Against Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Days of Action Against Police Brutality Flier

Public Service Announcement
Contact (regarding PSA): Sara or Verbena (707) 633-4493

Join Redwood Curtain CopWatch for two Days of Action Against Police

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, is the 13th annual national day of resistance
against police brutality: Meet at the Gazebo in Old Town Eureka at noon,
to gather as community to remember and honor those who's lives have been
stolen due to  police violence, and to address the injustice and daily
repression of an increasingly hostile police state. Wear black.  We will
be sharing food and words, making a mural, and marching  At about 6 pm,
vigil at Eureka City Hall. Bring candles, prayers, rage, and warm
clothing.. Participate in these community actions to grow our collective
voice of resistance and stand in strength, NOT FEAR, against police

Thursday, Oct. 23rd, is the 2nd memorial anniversary of the slaying of 16
year old Christopher Burgess by the Eureka Police. Meet at Highland Park
between 11 and noon with Chris's family to remember him.  We will walk
together in the neighborhoods where Christopher was known and loved., and
head to the courthouse to protest the corruption that criminalizes our

CopWatch invites you to spend the Days of Action, October 22nd and 23rd
in awareness of all victims of oppressive police force in our community,
and we urge you to be clear that you will not tolerate business as usual
so long as it includes police repression.

For more info contact Redwood Curtain Copwatch at 707-633-4493 or email

Event Details for Days of Action Against Police Brutality

Fri. 17th
--> 12 Noon: Public Art Day, Make Signs, Posters, Banners, and Screen Print Patches for the Days of Action - Old Town Eureka
--> 7pm: Film Screening: "Free Ya Hood" - Old Town  EUerka

Sat. 18th
CopWatch Training
: Learn how to document and observe police activity,
to prevent police abuse and hold them accountable for what the do to
the people. -Old Town Euerka

Sun. 19th
--> 7pm: Hurricane Season: Hidden Messages in
Water.  Multi-Media performance and dialouge about Katrina disaster and
disaster in our community here and creating solutions amongst us. -HSU
Theater Arts Building 115

Mon. 20th
-->7pm: organizing for days of action meeting: OPen meeting for folks who want to be involved in days of action- Arcata

Tues. 21st
--> 7pm: CopWatch Meeting: Weekly meeting focused on preparing for Days of Action -EUerka

Wed, OCT 22 National Day of Action Against POlice Brutality and the criminalization and repression of an entire generation

Wear Black!  Bring Something to add to our alter, honoring those who have fallen or suffered from police violence

--> 12 noon: Gather at Gazebo: Eat food, make signs, work on mural, hear inspirational audio
--> 1:30 pm: Speak Out: Say what you need to say
3 pm: March! Show our strength and make our voices heard. (There will
be an alternative space available for those who may not be able to walk
long distances)
-->6pm: Vigil at Eureka City Hall

12-6 No Cell Phones! Cell OUT is an organized cell phone usage boycott
from 12pm - 6pm on October 22nd to bring awareness of the Congo
conflict over the natural resources. Coltan, used in many electronic
devices has caused many Congolese people to be killed since 1996.

Thursday, Oct. 23 Resistance and rememberance: Honor Chris Burgess, shot by EPD officer 2 years ago on this day
--> 11 to noon:  Meet at Hyland Park to march through town
--> March will stop in Front of the Courthouse in Euerka

--> 3pm DInner at Labor Temple in honor of Chris Burgess



I fully support your right to gather and protest whatever wrongs you feel have been committed in any area of your life, but I have a problem with the message you are trying to send. You wrote, and I quote, "At about 6 pm,
vigil at Eureka City Hall. Bring candles, prayers, rage, and warm

Bring your rage? Seriously? Are you just asking for trouble? Getting militant and violent over something will never solve the problem, have you ever heard the quote" violence begets violence"? How about try spreading your message not only with positivity, but with actual concrete proof wrong doing happened, as it is you have neither. I'm sure you won't let this be posted, but I'm going to sign my name anyway, because unlike you, I have no problem standing behind what I believe in.

Adam Foster

P.S.- I do love that you wrote, prayers and warm clothing along with rage, wouldn't want people to get too chilly now would we. And we all know, prayers and thoughts of violence go hand in hand. I am sure you pray for violence to befall everybody who's sworn to protect us from the same violence you seem to want to cause.