Shut Down the SHU! Torture Chambers of U.S. Prisons [PHOTOS from inside]

These are photos from a Security Housing Unit (SHU) cell in Pelican Bay State Prison. The person who lives here has been in SHU for more than 25 years, since August 1986, and in the Pelican Bay SHU nearly 22 years, since 1990. Read his description below each photograph.

#1 Front view of the cell. The locked tray slot is where I get my food trays, mail, etc.

#2 View from approximately one step inside cell door area. View if of the 2 cement slab bunks. Note, back concrete wall along bunks is not insulated - 6" of cold concrete separates cell from the outside and cells are like meat locker ice boxes in winter. My "personal" items are at the right hand ends of the2 bunks. The rest is all legal material and books related to civil cases challenging medical and SHU/Parole Board issues. The bags and cups on left lower bunk is my canteen I'd just been issued. Notably, I have less than half of the property depicted in the pictures today after much of it was trashed, and I was forced to store a lot,as retaliatory acts last June of 2011 in response to my posted formal complaint and notice of hunger strike activity. I was doing a legal motion at the time - lower bunk is desk.

#3 View of front of cell from inside cell. The home made shelf holds my cosmetics (shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste) and was destroyed in June 2011 by staff.

#4 View of sink, toilet, desk area with my TV I've had since 1992; and cement stool. Bags are canteen I'd just received; most are nearly empty.

#5 Floor area standing just inside cell, rough concrete floor.