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Reports are only posted publicly if you request it and if CopWatch believes it will not escalate danger against you or any victim or witness.

This online "make a report" form is part of an effort:
  • To gather info and to track and expose abuses by local police and other government agencies and employees;
  • To document abuses (in a non-intimidating setting) so we can support victims, their families, witnesses, and other people who are likely to be victimized.
  • To create an extensive record of human rights violations To work toward holding accountable the perpetrators of government violence and abuse.
  • To understand dangerous and oppressive trends by police and other government agencies.

What would you like us to do with your report?
In the field below please let us know what you would like us to do with your report. Are you requesting support with dealing with this incident? What kind of support? Would you like us to post it to the website to inform the rest of the community? Anything else specific?
How can we contact you?
Please help us to contact you. Leave a phone number, email, address. If you don't have any of these means to be contacted, please tell us if there is another way we can reach you. For example, if there is a place where you frequently hang out. NONE OF YOUR CONTACT INFO NOR YOUR IDENTITY WILL BE SHARED WITH ANYONE EXCEPT REDWOOD CURTAIN COPWATCH. IT WILL ONLY BE LOOKED AT BY COPWATCH, AND USED ONLY TO CONTACT YOU.
What happened?
Please use as much specific detail as you are comfortable providing. When? Where? Who was there? What happened?
Please list any agencies, officers and/or mental health workers, etc. who were involved and/or present.
Leave blank to use trimmed value of full text as the summary.

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