Redwood Park TRAP for 420: Police State in Action!

The below report came from the morning of April 20, before the police state pounced on the people en masse.  Keep in mind that the Arcata police stalk people on a regular basis who are sleeping in the so-called "Community" Forest.  And the yearly "Be-Bop and Brew" event is a huge ALCOHOL fest, permitted by the City, with the usual attitudes and risks of large groups of people drinking. 

Smoke-Outs have been happening for years in Michigan, Washington DC and other places, long before 420 became a popular pot-related term and date in California.  Arcata's city counsel (and John Shelter too) should move somewhere else if they don't like Arcata (which is in a county with its highest revenue in marijuana) or don't like the people who live and visit here.

More on what happened on April 20, 2010 will be posted at this site soon.
(See report below)


Redwood Park is set for a trap! Yesterday, on my late evenin woodsy stroll I came up to the park on the 14th st foot path and the redwood branches had been felled directly upon the trail. There were no warning signs, just large redwood tree branches felled along the path, making it hard to get in or out in the last 5 ft of trail up to the park. As I reached the park I saw they did the same to the large tree that people gather around every year on 420, making a ring of felled branches that prevents one from getting near the tree. Not wanting to believe this stupidity was done to stop the smoke out, I decided to hike out and leave the bad vibes when I realized it was a deliberate move in conjunction with the police force and the city to regulate the celebrations toady. The trails into the park had been blocked with branches as well, and there were 6 ft city fences lining the perimeters of the 12th and 13th st exits, completely locking you in the park, again with no warning signs about restricted access, and only signs that read "Marijuana laws shall be strictly enforced" everywhere along the fence, facing out to the sts, not facing into the park, again not giving the park goers any info on the situation! The only access they left open is from the parking lots by way of vehicle or foot traffic along there, I did not check the fickle hill exit. Be warned, regulations have begun with a days preparedness, this all seems to be a trap! And the trap has been set.
May you be safe and may we outsmart this police state soon enough!


Safely Enjoying Redwood Park: 4/20 and Otherwise

by Red

On 4/20/2010, Redwood Park was invaded by a previously unheard-of number of police officers. The gathering, usually a good time to enjoy a toke of the local with the locals, was turned into an excuse to ticket and arrest people.  Some think that this was a "last gasp" for the local police, due to the legalization measure that will be on the ballot in November.  However, even if that passes, this reporter believes there will be a repeat of this next year; because it is a violation to smoke /anything/ in the park.

Having said that, using some common sense will help keep you out of trouble in the Redwoods, on 4/20 or any other date.

- Don't Litter

You shouldn't litter anywhere, really, and especially in not such a beautiful place.  If you're caught littering or even standing by some litter, that itself is enough to net you a ticket, and any cop (even a Park Ranger) will use that as an entry to try and talk you into incriminating yourself. Don't give them that excuse! Don't drop your trash on the ground (not even a roach!), and pick up any trash you encounter. Yes, even the cigarette butts.

- Mind Your Dog

All dogs in Redwood Park must be licensed and on a leash.  So if you must bring your dog, keep this in mind, and don't forget to get some bags from the doggie depot near the trash can for your dog's business. After 4/20/10, the Redwoods have dealt with enough turds, don't leave behind any more.

- Stay On The Trail

Going off-trail a) contributes to soil erosion, and b) /really/ raises a park ranger's hackles.  Being caught off-trail is grounds enough to throw you out of the park, and the rangers know where to look. 

- Don't Be An Idiot

If you're going to throw caution to the wind and smoke in Redwood Park, be acutely aware of your surroundings.  Pick a spot where you can see who's coming from any direction, from a good distance. Unless you have lookouts, a spot near a blind corner is a particularly bad choice. People don't usually look up, so there's an extra advantage to picking a point that's above eye level.  If the place is swarming with cops, don't bring a pipe that's too big to hide in under a second.

Finally, do not under any circumstances waive your Constitutional rights to refuse an unwarranted search, to not incriminate yourself, and to have a lawyer present when a cop is asking you questions.


Wed Apr 14 2010 (Updated 04/22/10) Annual Four Twenty Gatherings Throughout U.S., Canada and New Zealand

Gatherings Planned for 4/20, International Day of Marijuana  Celebration Four-Twenty (including 4:20, 420 and 4/20) has long been associated with marijuana use and marijuana activism. 4:20 is a time of day when people smoke marijuana. April 20th has evolved into a counterculture holiday, known for large gatherings of people celebrating and consuming marijuana, a.k.a. cannabis. Thousands of people gather annually in Boston, Boulder, New York, Santa Cruz, Seattle and many other cities in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.

Most reports about the origins of 4/20 trace back to 'The Waldos,' a small group of students at San Rafael High School in 1971. The teens would meet after school at 4:20, next to a statue of Louis Pasteur, and smoke marijuana. Four Twenty passed from those high school students, into the 70's Grateful Dead culture where it spread all across the United States.

The 4/20 smoke-outs are a series of cannabis rallies that demonstrate the impracticability of enforcing the current marijuana laws. Drug peace activists invite all herb enthusiasts to join them in defiant solidarity.