APD Officer Arminio 'Welcomes' Visiting HSU parent-- NOT!

I was at Everett's bar with my father
who was visiting from Arkansas.


We had sat down to have our first beer and my father went outside to smoke. I went to check on him and he was sitting with two officers standing in front of him (Sligh and Arminio). 


     When I asked if everything was alright, I was told to leave by Arminio. I asked again politely and was told it was none of my business by officer Sligh. I responded that the man was my father and then instantly put in handcuffs by officer Arminio (all in under 10 seconds). I was not asked if I was drinking, or given a breathalyser. Halfway to the police car I was pushed to the ground in handcuffs by Arminio. He claimed I was resisting arrest, but this is the furthest thing from the truth.


     I was then taken to jail and let out at around 3-4 in the morning, just enough time to find my father who had been left alone with nowhere to go, and get him to the airport for his departure flight at 6:00 am.


The details of this story are even more ridiculous but I'll keep this brief.
My companion and I had just finished performing and providing the sound system at Jambalaya to benefit The Forks of Salmon Elementary School's drive to get solar panels, since they're off the grid.
We've been performing together for close to ten years and have toured the U.S., Canada and Mexico in our Vegi-Powered RV; in short, we're professional and have dealt with many police departments without ever a citation or arrest.
With all our equipment, computers and records on the side walk waiting to be loaded, we were preparing to start the RV when a police car pulled up behind us and with its lights on. Officer Arminio informed us that our registration had lapsed and thus illegal to be parked on the street. We informed him that he was mistaken, but he wouldn't allow my partner to get her purse with the registration and insurance which was 1/2 a block away with our equipment. He then said the RV would be towed and when my partner refused to sign what Arminio said was a 'tow-receipt', she was arrested.
Our friend who was helping with the benefit was attempting to observe the situation at a safe distance from the sidewalk but was told to go across the street by Officer Sligh. She tried to explain that she believed she had a constitutional right to witness the working of her law enforcement but was also arrested.
I was told I could retrieve personal belongings from the RV before the tow, but as I entered the RV to get the keys to my house which were on the ring with the keys to the ignition, Sligh began to SCREAM at me to "DROP THE KEYS, DROP THE KEYS" I put them down and went to get my wallet and jacket from the back and the door swung shut- which it does automatically by spring. As I looked back, Sligh raised his foot and kicked the door twice, to no avail, with the bottom of his boot- seemingly about as hard as he could. When I opened the door to tell him that it closes automatically, I had a taser pointed at my chest and arrested. As they walked me to the car, JUST LIKE THE STORY ABOVE, they tried to trick me into resisting arrest by pulling and pushing me by my arm- gladly I didn't get put down but I could tell they were trying to get an excuse to do it!
Finally, when I read the police report, the statements by both Arminio and Sligh had a number of, and I can't find a better word for them, LIES in them. The statements were obviously fabricated together to tell a false story.
I'm a 35 year old artist, musician and tradesman who owns property here in Humboldt and have a SPOTLESS record. This was wrong and these two officers are COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL. If they are allowed to continue this behavior they will destroy any good will and community support that the police department has.
Thank You.

fuckin pigs