We are dedicated to grass-roots struggle to end the aggressive role of police in and against our communities.

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TARP SHELTER at City Hall, Eureka

Tarp Shelter at City Hall by PEOPLE PROJECT.




Time 7:30pm


City Hall

531 K Street

Eureka, California



Power from the Streets!


Gather With Dignity, Without Fear



Del Norte County "BORR-O-WS" Humboldt County Youth for SLAVE LABOR at BAR-O-BOYS RANCH

Humboldt County boys, aged 13-18, already a target of criminalization, are being shipped off to Bar-O-Boys Ranch in Del Norte County so that the state can make profit off of their forced labor and internment. Although this facility claims to "rehabilitate" targeted youth, they are in reality employing slave labor. The same Ranch has even been accused of working a young boy, Benjamin Lucchesi, to death through "compulsory morning exercises" on October 9, 2000.

NUMEROUS Reports of Abuse and Harassment by EPD Officers QUIGLEY and LAIRD

Such reports are nothing new, however, Quigley has not been so visible for a little while until recently, and Laird was seen for a while in plain clothes, riding around in a patrol car with Officer Rolofson.


Now, both Quigley and Laird are back on the streets, insulting, harassing, ticketing, and treating houseless people in a VILE manner.  Please go down to the free meal area (St. Vincent de Paul's Dining, on West 3rd Street) to observe and listen for yourself.  Your presence is important.


Sept 12th- Poor People's March for Human Rights!

from People for a Human Rights Sanctuary:

POOR PEOPLE'S MARCH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!   Saturday, September 12th in Eureka

Poor People's March for Human Rights
followed by a speak-out Celebration with food and music!

March together for HUMAN RIGHTS:  safe shelter, healthy food, healthcare, and dignity FOR ALL.