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R.I.P. Francisco Moran: Murdered by Modesto Police

From Modesto Anarcho

Francisco Moran, a 45 year old man was shot and killed by police [Modesto Police Department officers Joseph Lamantia, Robert Laxton] in North East Modesto on early Monday morning [Sept. 6, 2010], as officers responded to a civil dispute at his home. In the newspaper on Tuesday, police claimed that Moran was "belligerent" and "intoxicated," and after being tasered, came at police with a knife that was taken from his pants. This forced them to shoot Moran dead. Seems like we've heard this story before haven't we?

In 2003, police shot and killed Eustolio Aguilar, after they claimed he was reaching for a gun. After he was dead, it turned out he was reaching for a cell phone.