YOUTH Know-Your-Rights training

Know Your Rights Training for YOUTH

* how to handle encounters with cops*

Saturday, June 14th
1:00pm -5:00pm


at the P.A.R.C. office [Peoples' Action for Rights and Community]
320 2nd Street, wooden building
between D and E, upstairs
Old Town Eureka


Christopher Arrion Burgess, 16 year-old Native American boy. He was pepper sprayed by a probation officer who stormed into a house where Christopher was watching a movie with friends. EPD officer Terry Liles, who had pulled Christopher out of sleep about 3 years earlier (13 years old) and beat him until the boy's skull was fractured, chased Christopher on October 23, 2006, and shot him in the heart. Killed him. And this, after years of Christopher being systematically criminalized, and still being a kind and much-loved kid.