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Justice for Tommy McClain! "Community Shooting Review Board" Is A Sham

"Community Shooting Review Board" Is Another Ploy To Cover Up
Eureka Police Killing of Tommy McClain


Eureka, CA:  After Eureka Police shot and killed 22 year-old Tommy McClain in cold blood in his front yard on September 17, 2014, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills created a “Community Shooting Review Board.” This Board is the Eureka Chief's public relations attempt to pacify public outrage, subvert any real community oversight and participation, and perpetuate the farce of independent investigation and transparency. 

Justice for Andy Lopez!: Police Are An Occupying Army

Federal Lawsuit Charges Sheriff’s Deputy Unconstitutionally Killed
Andy Lopez

Article image
by Shepherd Bliss Occupy.com / News Report Sat Nov 9, 2013

The October 22 killing here of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by a hail of bullets from sheriff’s deputy Erick Gelhaus has resulted in daily peaceful marches, prayer vigils and speaking events honoring Lopez and calling for justice, as thousands in the northern California community continue to mourn and express outrage.

The killing has also this week led to a federal civil rights lawsuit being filed on behalf of the Lopez family. “There is a practice of using deadly force and covering it up by investigations that are superficial,” attorney Arnoldo Casillas said at a November 4 press conference in San Francisco, according to the daily Press Democrat. Casillas, who filed the suit, contends that the killing was unconstitutional because it violated the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which limits police authority.

Casillas interviewed witnesses who dispute law enforcement claims about the shooting. He asserts that the first shot was fired within three seconds of Gelhaus’s command to Lopez to drop what the sheriff's deputy claims he thought was a real gun. Seven bullets hit Lopez. One pierced his heart; at least one him him in the buttocks. Non-lethal alternatives were possible. The second deputy traveling with Gelhaus did not fire a single shot -- and did not even have time to step out of the vehicle before the boy's body lay fatally shot on the street.

Last year, Casillas won a $24 million dollar settlement for the family of a Los Angeles boy who was shot once and paralyzed by police while playing with an airsoft BB gun, similar to the one that Lopez was carrying to return to a friend when he was killed.

In a 2007 killing of African-American high school student Jeremiah Chass in the nearby town of Sebastopol, the Sheriff’s Office was compelled to pay a $1.75 million dollar settlement to the family. In both cases, investigations by outside police departments concluded that the cops were merely following protocol -- which too often seems to be “shoot first, ask questions later.”

But what is officially reported and what actually happens on the street may differ. That's why having next-door-neighbor law enforcement agencies investigate the killings is starting to look more and more like damage control than independent or objective reviews. More bluntly: are they amounting to cover-up investigations by law enforcement departments tasked with investigating each other?

Lopez Family and Others Speak Out

October 22-23, Days of Action Against Police Brutality *Updated with Schedule for 2013!*

Bring warm clothes and any other warm stuff for folks who need it.  Local call to action is below schedule.

Tuesday, Oct 22  18th NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST

1:00pm Cesar Chavez Park (formerly 'Hammond Park' 14 & E, Eureka)
              CONVERGE AND PREPARE FOR MARCH - with lunch

2:30pm starting from Cesar Chavez Park (14th & E, Eureka)

6:00pm Carson Park (Carson & H, Eureka -on the Carson end)
              MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE- Live Concert, Dinner, Speak Out!


CANDLELIGHT WALK Honor The Victims And Survivors Of State Violence

10:00pm Cesar Chavez Park (14th & E, Eureka)
                ALL NIGHT VIGIL To Protest the Criminalization of Sleep, with FILM SCREENING



Humboldt Courthouse/Jail
“WELCOME OUT!” Support People Released From Jail At Cold, Unfriendly Hours. 
Help distribute warm clothes, warm beverage, and a welcoming smile!


9:00am Clarke Plaza (3rd & E St., Eureka)

starting from Clarke Plaza (3rd & E St., Eureka)

                MARCH through neighborhoods & to police stations.
March for Chris Burgess, murdered by Eureka Police Officer Oct 23, 2006.

4:00-7:00pm corner of Wabash & Broadway, Eureka
              PROTEST & DINNER Stop the criminalization of youth!
                  Being young is NOT A  CRIME! Stop the school-to-prison pipeline!


Call 707.633.4493 for more details or check out redwoodcurtaincopwatch.net.

Days of Action Against Police Brutality   Oct 22-23

See you there.

Fortuna Police Video Shows that Cops Murdered Jacob Newmaker

Listen to the KMUD show about the police video, discovered to Dale K. Galipo, the attorney representing Jacob's parents in a wrongful death lawsuit :

Headline & Interview: 

Unfortunately, attorney Dale Galipo's voice gets overrun two times when he's saying important things, like a voice-over accidentally happened in the engineering.

STOLEN LIVES: Killed By Law Enforcement (with downloadable pdf lists and photos)

submit a case of someone killed by law enforcement  HERE

 photos from 1990's

 Stolen Lives LIST (updated Oct 2012)

1999 Stolen Lives Project book (Part 1 and Part 2): descriptions, killed by law enforcement

Photos and descriptions added in 2006

People Killed by Law Enforcement

in U.S. 1990's to 2012 [incomplete list including many unidentified people killed by law enforcement]

King Casby
Clever Craig
Bobby Dancy
Lorenzo Ingram, Sr.
Calvin Moore
Donald Nabors
Johnie Kamahi Warren
Carlos Williams
Walter Williams, Jr.

Randall Clevenger
Terrence L. Cloyd
Conn Wayne Duncan
Joseph Gannon
Jay Allen Johnson
Frederick Jones
Joseph Marchetti
Adrian Spindler
Shane Tasi
Cassel Williams

Ernest “Marty” Atencio
Abdiel Burgueno, Jr.
Robert Clermont
Nicholas Contreraz
Lawrence Davies
Troy Edward Davis
Michael Federici
Keith Graff
Glen Alton Haring
Michael Johnson
J.R. Kvernes
Donald Lininger
John Loxas
Amber Maderos
Lilly Maderos
Lisa Maderos
Mario Albert Madrigal
Tashia Patton
Antonio Renteria
Jose Benito Saenz
Ernie Salas
Milton Salazar
William Sershon
Harold Shover, Jr.
Richard Snow
Janet Zuelzke

Angelo Clark
Billy Charles Hyde
Marvin Glenn Johnson
Jerry Kane
Joe Kane
Marcus Lovell
Othel June Striplin

Derrick Abernathy
Joel Mathew Acevedo
Alberto Acosta Jr
Alexander Acosta
Deshawn Adams
Anthony Aguilar
Armando Aguilar
John Aguilera
Phillip Daniel Aguilar
Jihad Alim Akbar
Frank Filomeno Alejo
Julian Alexander
Jerriel Da'Shawn Allen
Eddie R. Alvarado
Valeria Alvarado
Edgar Alvarez
Emmanuel Alvarez
Isaias Alvarez
Emiliano Amaya
Susanne Antuna
Carlos Arevalo
Abdul Arian
Manuel Armenta
Gerardo Arvallo
Andres Avila
Marco Ernesto Avila
Julio Ayala
Ricardo Badillo
Ronald Ball
Evaristo Barajas
Leroy Barnes Jr
Anton Barrett Sr
Edgar Battad
Victor Becerril
Roderick Lee Bertolette
Benjamin Bittner
Jason Bitz
Antonio Bland
Alan Blueford Jr
Zaim Bojcic
Glen Boldware
Bryan Bombela
Ronald Boone
Aaron Borden
Stephen Bours
Cammerin Boyd
Ronald Brazier
Charles Breed
Tyler Brehm
Dyron Brewer
Kelvin Brooks
Andre Brown
Luther Brown Jr
Raheim Brown
Robert Brown
Deandre Brunston
Vinh Bui
Stephen Bullock
Karapet Bulmadzhyan
Christopher Arrion Burgess
Mark William Burke
Donnie Butler
Michael Byoune
Marcella Byrd
Arturo Cabrales
Richard Cabrales
Pedro Calderon
Homero Campos
Katrina Campos
Andrew Caprio
Alonso Cardenas
Rodolfo Cardenas
Rudy Cardenas
Daniel Carlon
James Louis Carrel
Jesse Carrizales
Jerome Carter
Fernando Casares
Carlos Casillas Fernandez
Ernesto Castaneda
Juan Castellanos
Carlos Castillo
Julian Celaya
Jeremiah Chass
Mohammad Usman Chaudhry
Javier Chavez
Yi Tzu Chen
Michael Cho
Christian Cobian
Avery Cody, Jr
Darrick Collins
Christopher Coronel
Zachary Champommier
Elaine Coleman
Peter Contreras
Zachary Cooke
Khiel Coppin
Joe Casto Corrales
Fernando Cortez
Martin F. Cotton II
Maurice Leroy Cox
David Cross
Caesar Cruz
Pedro Santa Cruz
Gabriel Cuevas-Muldenado
Jonathan Cuevas
Richard Dale
James Davis
Anita Delgado
Richard DeSantis
Antonio Diaz
Manuel Angel Diaz
Qazi Tiensinh Do
Tony Dominquez
Atilano Doporto
Reginald Doucert Jr
Oran Eugene Douglas III
Ernest Duenez, Jr
Kathleen Eklund
Jazmyne Eng
Alejandro Erazo
Noe Escobar Reyes
Rick Escobedo
Alfred Farrar
Durrell Feaster
Carlos Fernandez
Pedro Fernandez
Josh Ferreira
Joaquin Figuerora
Rod Fiorini
Jaime Flores
Jose Flores
Detrick Ford
Justin Ford
Eric Daniel Foster
Victoria Fox
Dnary Fowler
Eddie Franco
Mallard Frazier
John Fulchiero
Derrick Gaines
Annette Garcia
Daniel Garcia
Erik Garcia
Ezequiel Garcia
Israel Garcia
Julio Garcia
Mark Garcia
Nahun Garcia
Omar Garcia
Victor Garcia
Marvin Gardner
Dale Garrett
Robert Garth
Ralph Peter Gawor
Ryan George
Glennel Givens
Christopher Glass
Kenneth Gomez
Marco Gomez
Edgar Gonzalez
Jaime Gonzales
Julien Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez-Torres
Carol Anne Gotbaum
John Goudeaux
Lonnie Graham
Shurron Grant
Oscar Grant
Ilda Grasso
Mark Gregg
Cary James Grimé
Terry Grinner Jr
Lejoy Grissom
Howard Gross
Delfino Guerrero
Efrain Lara Gutierrez
Luis Guttierez
Troy Guido
Arturo Guzman
Demetre Omar Hall
Jess Hamilton
Donald Handy
Kenneth Harding Jr
Richey Harvey
Walter Heller
Vong Yang Her
Carlos Heredia Jr
Angel Farias Hernandez
Hector Hernandez
Steven Hernandez
Ramel Henderson
Robert Henning
Jesus Juan Hernandez-Cazares
Anastasio Hernandez Rojas
Justin Hertl
Charles Blair Hill
Stephen Clancy Hill
Stephen Paul Hirschfield
Craig Holden
Joshua Alva Hollander
Jonni Kiyoshi Honda
Jared Huey
Dale Hughes
Richard Hughes
Tyrone Hughes
Leopoldo Huizar
Wilford Hunton
Eloy Infante-Toscano
Christopher Jackson
Ezequiel Jacobo
Mario Jaramillo
Lee Jefferson
Dashonnon Jennings
Jorge Jimenez
Jose Jimenez
Frank Johnson
Derrick Jones
Eric Jones
David Jordan
Joseph Frank Kennedy
Allen Kephart
Douglas Kim
Susie Young Kim
Garland King
Gary King
Kenneth King
Garmik Kirakosian
Barry Martin Koeningsberg
Chyraphon Komvongsa
Rene LaCentra
Kamal Lal
Khalid Lanier
Robert LaRue
Jennifer LeBlanc
Albert Mike Leday Jr
Daniel Leon
Kwang Lee
Michael Lee
Oliver Lefiti
Samual Liaw
Eric Lewis Liebowitz
Reginald Andre Linthicum
Darrell Logan
Manuel Loggins
Roberto Lombana
Jessie Long
Ismael Lopez
Mariano Lopez Fernandez
Johnny Lozoya
Dexter Luckett
William Lusk
Andrew MacEarchern
Brian Macias
Pete Carlos Madrid
Carl Maggiorini, Jr.
Michael Maguire
Eric Mahoney
Eric Mandell
Dyron Mandell Brewer
Joshua Maravilla
Mitchell Marien
Frank Martinez
Gabriel Martinez
Gonzalo Martinez
Reynaldo Quintero Martinez
Samuel Martinez
Leonel Mateos
Clifford Paul Maxwell
Cedric May
Kendraey McCall
Shawn McCoy
Kendrec McDade
Ashley McDonald
Moses McDowell
Brent McKinney
David McMahon
Terrance Mearis
Daniel Mendoza
Cecil Menifield
Douglas Merjil
Peter Mestler
Mark Miles
Jose Millan
Philip Miller
Maurice Milligan
Lovelle Mixon
Francisco Mondragon-Saucedo
Jose Monteon Jr
Bryan Moore
Cheri Lyn Moore
Jesse Moore
Andrew Moppin
Fred Moraga
Oscar Morales
Christopher Moreno
Donovan Morris
Roketi Mosesue
Lazaro Muniz
Johnnie Nakao
Terry Wayne Nash
Tom Neville
Jacob Newmaker
Michael Nida
Julian Nolasco
Hai Nguyen
Juan Nunez
Jorge Ocon
Samuel Om
Carlos Ornelas
Isaac Ornelas
Arturo Ortega
Jesucita Ortega
Ruben Walton Ortega
Victor Ortega
Javier Ortiz
Martin Osuna-Aguilar
Albert Ray Owens
Roberto Padilla
Joel Perales
Jose Carlos Perez-Hernandez
Roman Gallius Pierson
Woodrow Player III
Richard Poccia
Albert Polencia
Brownie Polk
Christian Portillo
Alfred Pouliot
Mathew Powell
Pralith Pralourng
Alex Roman Quintanilla
William Quiros Jr
Arthur Jarvis Raleigh
Cesar Ramirez
James Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez
Ignacio Rangel Gonzalez
Gordon Rauch
DeOnte Rawlings
Andres Raya
Raul Castillo Razo
Pedro Renteria
Randy Reeves
Francisco Reyes
Jamie Reyes
Luciano Reyes
Earl Rhodes
Trevion Richard
Sammie Richardson
John Rico
Fermin Rincon
Carlos Rivera
Edwin Rivera
James Earl Rivera, Jr.
Lejon Robins
Lydia Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez
Victoria Roger-Vasselin
Hannah Rogers-Grippi
Sergio Rojas
Michael Robert Rosa
Mario Romero
Glenn Rose
Hernan Rubalcaba
Javier Joseph Rueda
Gustavus Rugley
Joshua Russell
Maria Ruvalcaba
Kim Saelio
Ventura Saenz
Sergio Salazar
Charles Salinas
Luis Salinas
Noel Salinas
Abraham Sanchez
Albert Sanchez
Arthur Sanchez
Luis Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez Jr
Rodney Sandberg
Michael Lewis Sanders
Julio Sandoval
Byron San Jose
Bradford Sarten
Guillermo Saucedo
Greg Saulsbury
Jack Schlesinger
Sergio Sedillo
David Sequioa
Oscar Sermeno
Juan Serna
Richard Sharp
Mohammed Shah
Maurice Shephard
Christopher Shull
Socrates Siqueros
Derrick Sites
Cesar Silva
Jose Soloro
Lawrence Smith
Marcus Smith
Ernesto Donald Smith
Naser Solis
Frank Soliz
Sinn Sor
Martin Soriano
Saul Soriano
Jaden Edward Soto
Idriss Stelley
OC Deputy Terry Stepp
Joshua Stephenson
Kami Stevens
Peter Stewart

SAT Nov 10th: Bay Area Families March Against Police Brutality & Racial Profiling


Alan Blueford, an 18-year-old African American student from Skyline High School, was  shot and  killed by Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso on May 6, 2012. The Blueford family and JAB coalition strongly condemn the DA’s report and reject all attempts to cover up their son's murder.  We demand Masso be fired and prosecuted, and all racial profiling practices, including stop and frisk, be stopped immediately!


Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition       www.justice4alanblueford.org

The Blueford Family and the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition wish to extend a special invitation to all families who have been victimized or lost a loved one to police brutality.  Please march together with the Bluefords and our communities to show our resistance and to say NO to this illegal and reprehensible violence from law enforcement. 

This march will occur on Saturday, November 10, at Noon, starting at 14th & Broadway, Oscar Grant Plaza,  in downtown Oakland (12th/14th St BART).   We will rally and march including a brief stop at the Oakland Police Department Headquarters, returning back to  Oscar Grant Plaza for a gathering (~ 1.5 mi).

Police Brutality is Rampant, not Rare [VIDEO links]

It's Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is Claiming it's Not Rampant

09/01/2012 by Dave Lindorff

South African Miners Face Murder Rap

Miners face murder rap

"...after police commissioner Riah Phiyega had earlier confirmed that the miners died after police shot at them with live ammunition - Lesenyego said: "It's technical but, in legal [terms], when people attack or confront [the police] and a shooting takes place which results in fatalities ... suspects arrested, irrespective of whether they shot police members or the police shot them, are charged with murder." "


Demand Justice for Alan Blueford

Alan DeWayne Blueford, born December 20, 1994, was an 18 year old Senior at Skyline High School, preparing to graduate
in June. He was the youngest son of Adam Blueford, Sr. and Jeralynn Brown Blueford.

During the early morning hours of May 6, 2012 Alan was murdered by an officer (whose name has yet to be released) with Oakland Police Department. Alan's family is now seeking justice for his death.

Jan. 4, 2011: Four Years Since 18-Year Old ZACHARY COOK Was Killed By Eureka Cop

ZACHARY:  Remembered and Loved by many!

On January 4, 2007, Eureka Police officer Terry Liles shot Zachary 16 times, killing him.  Zachary had just turned eighteen years old.  Zachary left behind many friends and family who adored him.  Liles continues to be a Eureka Police Officer, now a detective.  Liles has continued his terror, harassing Zachary's young relatives and friends.

U.S. Border Patrol Killed Mexican Teen Migrating Into Arizona

Jan 6, 2011 Immigration Crackdown: Mexico - Teenage Migrant Dies at Border

*We will track this story to see how it is clarified and confirmed. But cracking down in a military manner leads to such events. A teenage Mexican boy was killed by the Border Patrol last year.

Mexico - Teenage Migrant Dies at Border - NYTimes.com: "The Mexican police say that a United States Border Patrol agent shot at a 17-year-old trying to cross illegally into the United States at the Arizona border and that the youth died. The Mexican teenager, Ramsés Barron, was found dead outside a hospital in Nogales early Wednesday after three men left him there, the police said. A Border Patrol spokesman said that an agent was involved in a shooting but that the events were unclear and that no injuries seemed to be involved." Jan. 5, 2011, Reuters


VIDEO RELEASED: Seattle Cop on POWER TRIP Killed John T. Williams- Partially Deaf Man, Native Woodcarver


Seattle cop killed partially deaf man over closed knife, attorney insists

By Eric W. Dolan  Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

johnwilliams Seattle cop killed partially deaf man over closed knife, attorney insists

Recently released footage from a police cruiser's dashboard camera shows the events leading up to the fatal shooting of a partially deaf man by a Seattle police officer.

John T. Williams, a Native American wood carver who was partially deaf, was killed on August 30th after walking past Officer Ian Birk, 27, on the street with a knife in his hand.

Dealing with Evil and Corruption, 7.26.11

Victim was shot twice in back of head and upper back by APD officers on August 29th, 2009.

Victim was removed  from John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek on Sept 1 and returned to family by Lt. Orman. John Muir thought victim was being released to county hospital for continuing care. Lt. Orman instructed family that the police report would be ready in couple of weeks, after 6 months and still no police report.