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ANOTHER Year of the Corrupt Cops

The Year of the Corrupt Cop 

The only question is whether CoCo County or San Francisco has dirtier ones. Plus, Brown may become first governor to close state parks.

By Robert Gammon

It's not even half over, but 2011 looks as if it might be the Year of the Corrupt Cop in the Bay Area. The only question right now is whether Contra Costa County or San Francisco has the dirtier police officers. As of late last week, CoCo County had taken the edge with the disclosure that one of its top commanders had allegedly operated a brothel in Pleasant Hill and regularly ripped off prostitutes and other whorehouses.

FREE LEONARD PELTIER! the Longest Held Political Prisoner

A Green Party Announcement: Free Leonard Peltier Caucus

A new caucus has been formed. The Free Leonard Peltier Caucus is working to circulate a petition for signatures to be presented to Pres. Obama at the end of his tenure asking for a presidential pardon for the longest held political prisoner, Leonard Peltier.