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Winnipeg Police Still Driving Indigenous People Out Of Town In Freezing Temperatures

Posted December 9, 2010 in News
Two weeks ago marked the twentieth anniversary of the death of Neil Stonechild (pictured), who died of hypothermia after being picked up by members of the Saskatoon Police Service and left in a field on the outskirts of the city when the temperature was -28C. His death and similar incidents culminated in a formal inquiry in 2003.

But so many years later, accounts of this police practice are still coming out in Winnipeg. Last Friday, Evan Maud “was taken to the outskirts of Winnipeg by city police, threatened with a Taser and then mocked as they made him run away.

”Recent research by Elizabeth Comack and Nahanni Fontaine has revealed a number of other recent stories of police dropoffs in Winnipeg, challenging the claim by former Police Chief Ewatski that such tales were simply“urban lore.”

NUMEROUS Reports of Abuse and Harassment by EPD Officers QUIGLEY and LAIRD

Such reports are nothing new, however, Quigley has not been so visible for a little while until recently, and Laird was seen for a while in plain clothes, riding around in a patrol car with Officer Rolofson.


Now, both Quigley and Laird are back on the streets, insulting, harassing, ticketing, and treating houseless people in a VILE manner.  Please go down to the free meal area (St. Vincent de Paul's Dining, on West 3rd Street) to observe and listen for yourself.  Your presence is important.


Quotes from Sgt. Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez

These are only a few of things we have been told that Eureka PD's Sanchez has said to people:


"No one will miss you if I shoot you in the back of the head"


"Do you go to this church? Well I am Catholic and I do go to this church [not true], and I don't want you sleeping at my church"


"If I see you again sitting anywhere with your blanket, I will take you to jail."


"You'd be better off in prison" [to homeless and disabled woman]


"You wrote a letter calling me a liar. That's why I'm giving you a ticket."