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Police officers following a suspect into an apartment complex in Lexington, Ky., don’t know which apartment their man has entered. But wafting through one of the closed apartment doors is the familiar odor of marijuana. The smell provides reason to believe criminal activity is afoot, probable cause for a warrant to search the apartment.

Will Cops Be Required to Tell You Explicitly That You Have a Right To Have A Lawyer Present During Any Questioning?

This is an older article, and the court did not decide to make the cops tell you more when they are drilling you.  No matter what the courts change or don't , always assert "I choose to remain silent and I want to see a lawyer."  Then, say nothing else. Cops don't have to give a Miranda warning, anyway, until you're arrested and they want to further question you.  Know Your Rights!

Miranda rights warning could get rewrite

Supreme Court weighs whether to make some parts more explicit