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Three Strikes Laws, Prison Slavery, Private Prisons: excerpts from The DISH

~Venue for an Artist...three devorah major
~Bit of History...Three Strikes You're Out 
~Hood Notes...Three Strikes Caused This Prison Larry Gerston, Ph.D.  
~News You Use...Private Prisons: Greed and Corruption   ~Politics Y2K11...Florida's Racist New Law...By Mansfield Frazier

Venue for an Artist / three strikes

By devorah major

three strikes you're out

and the return of the chain gang

a rose by any other name

when you think

of the american institution of slavery

do you think of history

black history

do you think of stories of slave ships

bodies pressed together head to toe

death and misery stories of long ago

auction blocks

flesh groped and pushed

weighed in

people renamed

chained, beaten and confined

and turned from human into commodity

when you think of slavery

do you think of then

well then

what should we call it now

when men and women

chained ankle to ankle

wrist to wrist

neck to waist

are taken to a place

where they are

confined in quarters

in blocks

in cells

strike one

what do you call it

when you take these

sometimes chained

and very confined people

and then give them a new name

be it toby or B253476

be it mammy or G714280

strike two

what should we call it

when these renamed confined

chained humans

these sons...these fathers

these mothers

these daughters

these brothers

these sisters

are told that they

will never again be free

and that they will have to work

for the room they are locked in

the clothes they are made to wear

the food they eat

and for you

what should we call it

when we know

that the constitution's

13th amendment outlaws

involuntary servitude

"except as a punishment for crime

whereof the party shall have been

duly convicted"

strike three

what should we call it

if you ask me

it sounds too much like

a different brand of slavery

Arizona's Governor,Jan Brewer (of SB 1070 notoriety) is Heavily Connected with Corrections Corporations of America

Jan Brewer & CCA: Making Prejudice Profitable

by Nick Jiles

For many Americans Arizona’s recent hate legislation, SB 1070, has ignited a firestorm of polemics, raising issues about the miserably archaic and ineffectual nature of our current federal immigration system, the scape-goating of the excessively pigmented during times of economic crisis (where have we seen that before?) and the suddenly cliché cry of state sovereignty. But as Arizona struggles to close a projected budget shortfall of nearly $ 2.6 billion both Senator Jan Brewer and some her closest aides have come under fire for their lobbyist ties to one company that stands to undoubtedly benefit from the “brown-while breathing” legislation known as SB 1070, CCA (Corrections Corporations of America). CCA, the largest private prison corporation in the country, currently operates 6 facilities within Arizona, 3 dedicated to housing inmates from Immigration Customs and Enforcement (I.C.E.).


In 2009 Arizona became the first state in the country to attempt to privatize its entire prison system- this despite evidence that such privatization would not be cost efficient and in light of the comically tragic recent history of inmate escapes and general security concerns associated with for-profit prisons already operating within the state. It is no secret that Arizona Senator Jan Brewer and some of her closest aides have lobbying ties with for-profit prisons that date back nearly a century, a fact that she and those around her have clumsily attempted to explain as entirely unrelated to the increasing number of private prison facilities that have sprung up throughout the state in the last decade.