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Officer Profiles

These "officer profiles" are an effort to keep a log of abuses of power of individual officers. If there is an officer that should be listed here, if a correction to the info we have needs to be made, or if you'd like to report abuses of power by a particular officer, contact us or submit a report of police abuse to CopWatch with the online form.

*Please note that officers often rotate around- their position and the agency they work for may change, but we still want to document what they have done- as a cop, detective, coroner, etc.

Arcata Police Department

736 F St
Arcata, California 95521

Chapman, Tom

Police Chief (former Captain)

Arminio, John

Evidence Tech.

Brown, Dave

Sgt. Badge#2X5

Brown, Steve

Parking enforcement

Stonebarger, Kevin

many complaints about this officer harassing and abusing houseless people (including calls from housed observers)

Mendosa, Randy

Arcata City Manager (former Police Chief)

Blue Lake Police Department

111 Greenwood Road
PO Box 458
Blue Lake, California 95525
Phone: (707)668-5895
Fax: (707)668-4082

Gundersen, Dave

former Chief,
charged with multiple counts of rape and other heinous acts

Eureka Police Department

604 C St
Eureka, California 95501

Nielsen, Garr

No Longer Police Chief due to coup by SWAT thugs, Badge# 3A1

Armstrong, Jim

Badge#3L22 Sgt.

Baird, Chandler

former EPD Badge #3B92
Now, a Bailiff for the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department

Bolton, AJ

former EPD Officer, now with Fish and Game


Badge# 78

Davis, AJ

Badge# 3V16 Volunteer

Douglas, David

Former Chief of Police

Harpham, Murl

Badge #3L 1

Harpham, Rocky

former EPD Officer - Went to Texas after assassinating Cheri Moore April 06, NOW in Ione, CA with Mike Johnson, who also fired at Cheri Moore

Howden, Kay

Badge# 3L10

Johnson, Michael

former EPD officer who shot at Cheri Moore during her assasination by EPD; now he is with the other shooter, Rocky Harpham, in Ione, CA.

Jones, Tim

Tortured Martin Cotton with nunchucks after he was handcuffed, Martin Died from that arrest and fatal beating

Kalis, Danny

Badge# 3K93 Detective

Kirby, Mary

Badge#3A 2, Assistant to Chief, Evidence Tech

Laird, Adam

Badge# 3B40
Adam Laird apparently thinks it is his duty to constantly harass houseless and poor people.

Liles, Terry

Badge# 3B87
cold-blooded killer

Long, Terry

Badge# 3V08 Volunteer

Manos, Jim

Badge# 3R 35, deceased

Metaxas, Robert

Was EPD SWAP; Now works for Humboldt County Sheriff's Dept in Correctional Facility

Miller, Roger

Badge# 3V10 Volunteer

Nichols, Jim

Badge# 3V29 Volunteer

Pudinksi, Steve

Badge# 3H1 Chaplain

Quigley, Michael

Badge# 3L27 Sgt.

Stephens, Brian

Agent, Drug Task Force, Badge# 10N82

Storre, Richard

Badge# 3V12 Volunteer

Swanson, Gary

Badge# 3V19 Volunteer

Vallerga, Pete

Badge# 3V09 Volunteer

Watson, Steve

Sgt, Badge#3L11

Zanotti, Tony

Badge# 3L5 Lt.

Ferndale Police Department

PO Box 1096
Ferndale, California 95536
Phone: (707)786-4025

Frank, ?

first name unknown

Poppelreiter, Karl

no longer Chief or officer with this police dept.

Campbell, Brandy

no longer officer with this Police Dept.

Fortuna Police Department

621 11th St
Fortuna, California 95540
Phone: (707)725-7550
Fax: (707)725-7574

Kitna, Kris

Chief of Police

Dokweiler, Dawn

community services officer

Ibarra, Enoch

crime prevention specialist

Martin, Andy

field training officer

McCovey, Gabe

community services officer

Paul, Robin

office supervisor

Humboldt County Probation Department

2002 Harrison Street
Eureka, CA 95501
Phone: (707) 445-7401
Hours: 8am-Noon/1-4:30pm

Humboldt County Sheriff's Department

826 Fourth St
Eureka, California 95501
Phone: (707)445-7251

Desadier, John

made into a deputy after terrorizing families with his "code enforcement" fiasco

Figas, Lee

Correctional Lieutenant

Flint, Dean

Correctional Lieutenant

Godsey, Brenda

Public information officer

Van Groenou, Andy Broese

Sr. Chaplain. Leads young people into the Explorer program to become cops, guards, or at least, militarized

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office

951 Low Gap Road
Ukiah, CA 95482

Rio Dell Police Department

675 Wildwood Ave Rio Dell, California 95562 Phone: (707)764-5642

Trinidad Police Department

409 Trinity St
Trinidad, California 95570

University Police Department

Humboldt State University Police
#1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521-8222
Phone: 707-826-5555 Fax: 707-826-4637

Allen, Greg

Officer, Bicycle Patrol, Badge #909

Altizer, Keith

Officer, Badge #903

Carpenter, Chance

Officer, Badge #908

Dewey, Thomas

Chief of Police, Badge #9A1

Dezern, Mary

Sergeant, Badge #9S3

Dickerson, Rodney

Officer, Bicycle Patrol, Badge #906

Glory, Kim

Sgt, Badge #9S5

Hansen, Melissa

Officer, Bicycle Patrol, Badge #904

Hostler, Will

Officer, Badge #902

Packer, John

Bicycle Patrol, Badge #901

Soderberg, Lynn

former EPD Sargeant, now with Humboldt State University Police Dept.