Call For Congressional Hearing on COINTELPRO's Legacy and Continuing Impact [petition & link to VIDEO]

Jericho: Congressional Hearing on COINTELPRO's Legacy and Continuing Impact

Opened on January 11, 2011

COINTELPRO represents a part of American history that we would all like to forget. However, to forget is to repeat. Unfortunately, dozens of women and men are still incarcerated upwards of 40 years as a direct result of this heinous program.






Not only did COINTELPRO seek to defame, neutralize, discredit, and destroy the more militant organizations of that day, viz. the Black Panther Party, Republic of New Afrika, Nation of Islam, American Indian Movement, anti-war, socialist and communist organizations; but it also targeted anyone who stood up against racism and oppression, and who challenged federal and state government to correct these ills and change its policies.


Therefore we urge you to reopen this national Pandora’s Box so that, at last, justice can be done, and we can finally bring our Politically Imprisoned women and men home with honor and dignity.


This Petition Campaign is approved and coordinated by The Jericho Movement. All signatures will be submitted to the Congressional Black Caucus and other members of Congress to support the urgent call for special Congressional Judicial Hearings on COINTELPRO, and to further demand the release of political prisoners being held in U.S. prisons as a result of COINTELPRO. Petitions will also be submitted to the 2011 Peoples’ Tribunal Hearings on COINTELPRO.

Cointelpro 101 Video