Bunk X-Mas Arrest at Occupy Eureka

Anne Rian, a stalwart Occupier, was arrested this morning at Occupy Eureka, supposedly for a warrant. Missing a court date would be the only reason for a warrant.  However, the District Attorney's office told us that Annie did not have court until January 5th. 

Eureka Police Officer Cress, who has stolen many of our signs in the past and used to show up daily at the Occupy, made the arrest today, December 25th.

The jail told Anne that she is going to be in solitary, even though solitary or "maximum" is supposed to be for people who have problems with other people in the jail- it is not for people to be put in simply because they were arrested during political activity.  The jail guards (Sheriff's Dept) have told her that she will be in there for up to five days (lies, intimidation) and has told her several different charges/reasons she was arrested on a warrant- so that is not clear.

Annie has not failed to appear for court on the date she promised to appear.  If she did miss a court date, it would be because she was not given any notice by the District Attorney's office of that date.  The DA's office has an illegal practice of putting out warrants on people, clearly failing to abide by laws of due process and failing to tell the person of  a newly filed charge or newly set court date.

Because Anne has never failed to appear for court, there was no reason to arrest her ON X-MAS and hold her in jail!  If there is a date that she was not told about, the cops should have been directed to cite and release on the spot. 

Violations of due process and political targeting are UNACCEPTABLE!

Redwood Curtain CopWatch sent an email to Gallegos' office (District Attorney) a few days ago regarding the DA office's failure to notice people of court dates and its recent practice of telling us conflicting information every time we ask about court dates.

Please call the jail and the DA on this X-Mas day.  Express your outrage at this unfair and illegal arrest, and demand Anne Rian's immediate release!

Message from Occupy Eureka: Ho, Ho, Ho and the Grinches of EPD are trying to steal Christmas with a 7 am raid to put tickets in our stockings rather than a lump of coal. Annie was arrested and taken away threatened with being put in solitary confinement, "Max" they call it by officer Cress. She was given a date of December 30th originally. Verbena was given a list of dates from the district attorney's office showing Annie with a January 5th court date. Now our friend is spending Xmass in jail. This level of incompetence by our paranoid public officials is the true criminal act. After the presents are opened this morning please take a moment to Call our illustrious DA and let him no that this Humbug is beyond Scrooge