Wed, Dec 21st: Homeless Persons' Memorial Day (Eureka & San Francisco)

We will be, in Eureka, honoring Homeless Persons' Memorial Day.  Your suggestions, candles, names of people who have passed on, and your participation on the 21st are encouraged.  We will have a table on the Old Town Gazebo at 2:00pm. Then, we may take an honoring walk through Old Town.  Candlelight vigil at 7:00pm at Occupy Eureka in front of the Courthouse/Jail.

Email SF event flier below.

Please honor this day and night appropriately wherever you are. And remember, every other day of the year. Struggle with the People on the Streets! 

Longest Night of the Year

Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day


Homeless people die from illnesses that affect everyone, frequently without health care.

Homeless people die from exposure, unprotected from the heat and cold.

Homeless people die when government policies deprive them of everything.

Homeless people die at the hands of police and civilians in unprovoked hate crimes.

Health care is a human right.

Housing is a human right.

Physical safety is a human right.

Sleep is a human right.

Remember our neighbors and friends who have died without homes.

Remember why they died.

December 21st  The Extreme of Winter.
The Longest Night of the Year.


In San Francisco: