August 8th: FREE the MOVE 9! Thirty-Four Years of Political Imprisonment. Listen to KMUD radio show

Listen to Radical Rap on the 34th Anniversary of the August 8, 1978 police attack on the MOVE house in Philadelphia.  August 8th is also the day before Cotton Day, the anniversary of the fatal police beating of Martin Cotton in Eureka CA.

August 8th Radical Rap, KMUD radio:

MOVE was brutally targetted.  Because they survived the August 8th attack, the injustice system sent MOVE's Chuck, Debbie, Delbert, Eddie, Janet, Janine, Merle, Mike, and Phil Africa to prison.

The MOVE 9 have been political prisoners for the past 34 years.   Merle Africa, strong revolutionary, died (suspiciously) in prison in 1998.

Help FREE the MOVE prisoners!

Here are their addresses:

More info:

Because August 9th is Cotton Day, Radical Rap will be inviting people to remember the police murder of Martin "Freddy" Cotton and to join the struggle to end police violence.