Eureka Government Blatantly Supports KILLER Cops: Johnson, Harpham, Winkle, Laird, Whitmer

SWAT kills: Beware returning officers, Mike Johnson and Rocky Harpham

On April 14, 2006, Mike Johnson and Rocky Harpham, working for the Eureka Police Department SWAT, shot Cheri Moore EIGHT times, killing her.  Both officers left the area- Rocky Harpham to Texas. Soon after, former Humboldt County Risk Managment agent, Kim Kerr, left Humboldt for employment in Ione, CA. She promptly brought Johnson and Harpham there to be officers in Ione.  The people of Ione were unaware of these cops' past, but learned quickly of their violent ways through experience.  In Ione, Johnson became Chief and Harpham became Seargent.

Redwood Curtain CopWatch has received calls from several people regarding Johnson and Harpham's really abusive behavior in Ione. (One call over 2 years ago said "They are acting like Nazi's on our streets')  And NOW THEY ARE COMING BACK HERE!!

SWAT & Murl Harpham vs. Garr Nielsen, the "Coup": The Eureka City Council and Manager recently went along with a coup by the EPD SWAT thugs, and fired Chief Garr Nielsen against his contract.  Nielsen had not only demoted long-time, violent Murl Harpham (Rocky's father), but moreover Nielsen had disbanded SWAT. Now, Murl Harpham is the interim police chief, SWAT is back to terrorize our community, and the Eureka government is considering Mike Johnson as Chief of the Eureka Police Department!

Read this from Ione:


Cops Found In Court To have Killed Martin Cotton II Still EPD Officers! 
In September of this year (2011), Eureka Police Officers, Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, and Gary Whitmer* were found liable by a unanimous jury for the wrongful death of Martin Cotton II. The jury awarded Martin Cotton's daughter and father 4.5 million dollars because the officers pummeled Martin, then left him to die in a jail cell. The jury also assigned all three officers punitive damages, which are supposed to come out of the officers' personal finances, and usually have a big effect on cops' careers. In total (plus attorney's fees), the Officers are costing the city of Eureka over 5 million dollars.  And they murdered Martin Cotton! EPD officer Joshua Siipola was not on trial (although he participated in beating Martin Cotton to death) because he went back during the case to war in Afghanistan.  He, too, is coming back to bring the war to the streets and homes of Eureka.

The Eureka government is continuing to employ these killer cops, pretending like a brutal murder by the officers and the jury verdict means nothing!  AND they are celebrating the return of Siipola FROM WAR back into the Eureka Police Department.


This is unacceptable.

Eureka SWAT cops who killed Jonni Honda (2006) included (top, left to right,) Det. Ron Harpham, sniper; Officer Rocky Harpham, entry; Sgt. Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez, SWAT leader;  Det. Todd Wilcox, SWAT leader; Officer Rob Metaxas, senior sniper; and (bottom row, left to right) Sgt. Michael Johnson, entry; and Sgt. Bill Nova, SWAT commander.

Mike Johnson, Rob Metaxas, and Joseph Marsh (not pictured here) shot Jonni Honda to death.



*EPD's Gary Whitmer also shot and killed Gabriel Cuevas-Maldonado with an assault rifle on September 15, 2005.  Mr. Maldonado spoke no English and was in a house when he was killed by Whitmer. The media and officials kept it quiet so people would not get upset.  They criminalized Mr. Muldenado in the brief newspaper mention.  This death was the first in a 2 and a half year killing spree by the Eureka police Deparment.