Grand Jury Report

Below is a short excerpt from the Grand Jury 2007 report about Martin's Death specifically addressing the Eureka Police Department . The Grand Jury's hearings were in secret. In Santa Clara, Grand Jury hearings are public.


"Use of Force

The Grand Jury investigation uncovered possible police procedural violations. The information was obtained from several eyewitnesses describing the use of excessive force. Some of the witnesses were previously interviewed by law enforcement.

Witnesses described closed-fist punches to Cotton’s head and forceful kicking to Cotton’s kidney area and lower back. It was related both the punches and kicks were numerous, full force, purposeful, and not misplaced by suspect movement. Some witnesses believed the officers used excessive force and some believed they used the force necessary to make the arrest. It should be noted that police training indicates that forceful strikes to the head, lower back, and/or kidney area do not follow accepted police procedure for this type of incident.

The CIRT ended inquiry into the Cotton matter in August 2007. The District Attorney later stated no charges would be filed."


Click here for the complete sections about Martin's Death, the jail, and EPD from the 2007 Grand Jury report . Apparently, the agencies (EPD, Sheriff's Dept.) required to respond to the Grand Jury's Findings and Recommendations, have failed so far to do so.