DA's "report", March 26, 2008

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District Attorney Paul Gallegos Covers Up for Cops AGAIN

The first several pages is the same case law that Gallegos uses to justify SHOOTINGS by the police. Then, the rest is about Martin, although skewed. Even though the DA claims not to know how Martin died, he has refused to call for a coroner's inquest.

The names of the EPD cops involved and the names of some of the Sheriff's Dept. officers involved in killing Martin have only been exposed here. And this was not made public.


Note the Coroner's changed stories.

The Coroner (or one of his deputies), as he has done with every grieving family we know of when the death was 'mysterious' and related to the police, calls and tells the families that they only have a short time to retrieve their dead loved one's body. The Coroner's office knows that, without a body, there can be no independent forensic work done.

Note the time frame that Gallegos attributes to what we know was a much LONGER-LASTING beating.

See the Grand Jury report too.

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