New issue of Turning the Tide - summer 2011

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The new issue of Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research &
Education, Volume 24 Number 3, July-September 2011, is now out from
Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART).
PDFs will be available on-line at <>www** <>

The latest issue includes the latest compilation of "Rumors," a blotter of
recent on-the-street anti-racist and anti-fascist actions, as well as an
exchange of views generated by the antifa confrontation with the NSM in
Pemberto, NJ, including "Off the Nazis!...But How?" from 'the Brigade' in
Bring the Ruckus, and a "Response" by Jerry Bellow. These address the
interconnection between public organizing and potentially illegal
militant/military action by anti-fascists.

Mutope Duguma (s/n James Crawford) contributes "The Call for All Prisoners
in Security Housing Units" regarding the hunger strike set for launch on
July 1 by prisoners in long-term abusive isolation in California's Pelican
Bay State Prison. Also of note are a review of Michelle Alexander's "The New
Jim Crow" by Death Row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, and information
on "Between the Bars," a new free blogging service for prisoners and
"Running Down the Walls" 2011, the fund-raising 5K organized by the LA
Anarchist Black Cross Federation, with solidarity runs at more than a dozen
prisons and in other cities in the US and Canada.

Several documents from "Anonymous," including their declarations of freedom
and of war, along with their message to NATO, are included, along with
sample information on US neo-nazis hacked by Anonymous Anti-fascists, along
with an account by the group of their work and its purpose.

The issue also includes a report of indigenous direct action to protect the
San Francisco Peaks in Arizona against the "Snowbowl" wastewater pipeline
(creating 'snow' from sewage), and "A Black Rider in Afrika," by Shango
Abiola, in which the "new generation Black Panther" describes his recent
visit to Tanzania and theorizes about the relationship between self-defense,
armed struggle and revolutionary Afrikan inter-communalism on the road to
the liberation of the continent and the Diaspora.

Other regular features include the ARA Network's Four Points of Unity and
contact information, a calendar of Anti-Racist Actions coming up in July,
August and September, including the national confederation planning meeting
on freeing political prisoners convened by the Jericho Amnesty Movement in
DC on Aug. 19-20, and the 17th annual ARA Network gathering in Chicago IL on
Sept. 16-18. Finally, the issue includes "PART's Perspective: End the Empire
Before It Ends You!" by Michael Novick of ARA-LA/PART. This editorial also
reflects on the issues of 'aboveground' and 'underground' work raised by
several other pieces in the issue.

The front cover of the latest issue is dedicated to Geronimo ji-Jaga (Pratt)
the recently-fallen former political prisoner and Los Angeles defense
minister of the Black Panther Party.

A free sample copy is available from ARA-LA/PART at PO Box 1055, Culver City
CA 90232, 310-495-0299,
>antiracistaction_la@** <>. One-year,
4-issue subs are $16 for individuals in the US, $26 for international or
institutional subscriptions, payable to Anti-Racist Action at the above
address. (Bundles are available at $20 for 50 copies in the U.S. only.)
"Turning the Tide" has been distributed free to prisoners for over 2
decades, without partisan subsidies, foundation or corporate grants or
government funding. It relies solely upon subscriptions and donations from
its readers to sustain itself as a voice of grassroots, direct-action
anti-racism, anti-fascism and anti-colonialism. Financial contributions as
well as scene reports, investigations, and analyses or criticisms are always
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