Humboldt District Attorney and Jail Have Regular Practice of Violating Rights

May 20, 2011           Sent Via Email

RE: Mr. Brandon Dyer

To District Attorney of Humboldt County, Paul Gallegos:

This email is a follow-up the message I left on Ms. Shoshani's voice mail at
or about 2:50pm today, May 20, 2011.  I am contacting you to, once again,
inform you of the laws that require you to file charges against someone
in the custody of the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF)
within the statutory time; otherwise or that person's extended custody
due to your failure to bring them in front of a magistrate or judge and
the HCCF's failure to release them, is a misdemeanor and violation of
the person's civil liberties.

Mr. Brandon Dyer was arrested on the night of Wednesday, May 18,
2011.  He needs to be brought to court TODAY, Friday May 20, 2011, or be
released from the HCCF.  The CA Penal code section 825 (a)(2)
specifically mandates:

"...when the defendant's arrest occurs on a Wednesday after the conclusion of the day's court session, and if the Wednesday is not a court holiday, the defendant shall be taken before the magistrate not later than the following Friday, if the Friday is not a court holiday."

Mr.Dyer has not been brought to court, and the HCCF is telling family members that he will not be in court until Monday or Tuesday.

Today is Friday and it is NOT a court holiday.  Bring Mr. Dyer to court today
or make sure that he is released from the HCCF immediately.

This consistent violation of people's rights by your office and by the HCCF (with your apparent blessing and misinformation) is illegal and unacceptable. 

Kimberly Starr
of Peoples' Action for Rights and Community
and Redwood Curtain CopWatch