Maricopa Arizona Sheriff's Bomb House: Mistaken Identity, Two Victims Severely Injured and One In Jail

I want to report an incident on January 13th 2011 of excessive force and false arrest of Brian Schelske by Maricopa County Sheriffs Office in Arizona.
Warrant # 8W 2011-000327.

The house was bombed with concussion bombs in military fashion at 3:30 am as if bombing the enemy. A tank rolled over the cyclone fence.

The two victims of police harassment were marched out with hands over their heads half naked. The 59 yo woman was made to stand naked with just panties breasts exposed, hands tied behind her back in the cold for 30 minutes. There had to be 15-20 cars lined up along the road for the display of public humiliation.

The woman was not arrested but has a perforated eardrum and is suffering from depression and PSTD after this horrific incident.

The man, a former mental health patient, does not even remotely fit the description on the original police report. The woman was off work on disability after a fall but worked as a Renal Dietitian and faculty at the local community college. She was also a Nutritionist on the Navajo Indian Reservation for the WIC Program.

The man is still in jail and is dying of cancer and has a massive kidney infection due to the unsanitary conditions and underfed (as a Nutritionist I can say that) conditions of the 4th Avenue jail in Phoenix. The police brutally beat him up on the way to jail knocking a tooth out and and later he had to go to the hospital. He is dying of cancer with a liver mass and they continue to stall. Again he does not fit the description.

The inmates have clothing that states "unsentenced" as if already guilty.

This is a police state and citizens are treated like the "enemy" thanks to the overly zealous war on this or that. The "get tough on crime" which has a trickle down effect with all the players in law enforcement able to inflict their own punishments along the way. It is an abomination of the so-called justice system. No one cares until it hits home with a friend or relative!

You may contact Bill Akins of the Public Defenders Office in his case not a Pretender at 602 586-7711.

I am mad as hell pardon the expression.

I was the woman. Imagine your mother, sister, or daughter treated in this manner.