Why a California Prisoner Hunger Strike (Starts July 1st)

CA Prisoner Hunger Strike Starts July 1st!

Pelican Bay SHU Prisoners' Formal Complaint and Final Notice

Todd Ashker, who is in the Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit, has asked us to expose
THESE DOCUMENTS, Complaint and Final Notice,  in place of the one circulated at the end of March 2011 (below).

The new material is in the Final Notice. The Complaint was part of
the previous hunger strike document but Todd asked me to send it along with
the Final Notice.

The men who intend to go on hunger strike on July 1, 2011 have
collaborated on five core demands that they plan to present, along with their
"Formal Complaint" to the Governor, Secretary of Corrections, and Warden, about
30 days prior to July 1. They have expanded their demands to include
eliminating long term confinement in Security Housing Units and Administrative
Segregation statewide.


See the prisoners' formal Complaint by clicking 'Read More' below:  These men are in solitary confinement under harsh conditions due to their "status." They have been labeled gang affiliated, even though they have not been charged or found guilty of a gang related act, based on allegations by confidential inmate informants seeking and receiving special treatment.

In order to be released from the Security Housing Unit (SHU) they must "debrief." That means providing staff with information implicating others as gang members or associates...This can cause harm to other prisoners, and make the prisoner who debriefs (or a member of his family) a target for reprisal.

Some of these men are jailhouse lawyers who challenge correctional policies and practices and encourage others to do so.

Click HERE for the prisoners' formal Complaint in PDF. 


Thanks for sharing this info & please check out: http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com for updates & ways to show support from the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition--these folks are in contact w/ prisoners on a weekly basis & working to build support for prisoners at Pelican Bay and Corcoran. We're also organizing international solidarity actions on July 9th--check the site for more info!


In Struggle,