MARCH 19th, EUREKA: Rally to End Obsessive Wars, Stop Naval Testing, Stand Up For Bradley Manning

" Joining This National Resurgence!"

Sat.  1:00  Mar. 19

Ending Obsessive Wars
of Exploitation and Ruin!

 'On The Waterfront'
End of F. St, Eureka, Ca.

This is our  moment!

People across this world, subjected
to the rule of oppressors, and these utter wastes of
wars, stripping us of our humanity and draining our
very ability to survive economically!


Being part of a stunning awakening to great times

and what we can achieve together!



It's not about so-called leaders,

 but thousands of determined individuals turning out!



*Determined to end these kind of cruelties at  Qauntico Marine Brig:

1) Stop this torture and imprisoning of Pvt. Bradley Manning, one among many in Qauntico facing such treatment and worse!  End this countries "dark ages mentality and it's practices! (while this government assures us they hold  no political prisoners!

Call Rep. Mike  Thompson's office Phone: (707) 269-9595 and tell him what you feel about this 'American prison system'.


Update on his situation:  From  Voters For Peace

He's gone though another week of abuses in the Quantico Marine Brig. . . forced to be naked every night and stand naked the next morning to get his clothes back.  Possibly facing a death sentence, yet permitted only limited visits with his lawyer; now in his 10th month of virtual solitary confinement, never allowed silence in  his cell nor any form of exercise. Rallying goes on for him near Quantico Brig .


White House protest being led by four veterans groups, among those speaking out for him, Daniel Ellsberg, Col. Ann Wright, Jeff Patterson of Bradley Manning Support Network.


2 ) Making Naval Testing, so disastrous to ocean life, part of our Anti War campaign and reaching out to national groups for its inclusion.


Be with us on the waterfront.

Make certain that rulers hear our demands!




Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co. Ca.

Sending  out  reports  and research studies, exposing media bias and
holding government  accountable

For More Info Call: 707.616.2212