Police Are Twice As Likely To Sexually Assault You And Five Times As Likely To Murder You

[written by an ex cop]

IT’S true!  According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, between January 2010 and September 2010, 31 kops per 100,000 committed homicide and 73 committed sexual assault. In comparison to 100,000 of the general population (this includes blacks, whites, Mexicans, gang members etc) only 5 citizens committed homicide and 29 committed sexual assaults.
If you have a choice to mingle with a crowd of 100,000 kops or 100,000 citizens, it’s more dangerous to hang out with the police.
I’m still amazed at the number of Americans (mostly the older) who still trust persons wearing a uniform of authority.  The older demographic was brainwashed so well they do whatever their preachers, police officers, politicians or judges tell them to do.  It’s this “authority worshiping” and blind obedience that led America to its current police state that houses 25% of the world’s prisoners but contains only 5% of the world’s population. Our parents and grandparents were duped into giving away our freedoms for a pretended security.
It’s not the Muslim community or some non-American police force jailing all these Americans.  Unfortunately, it’s our own Christian people and courts that are responsible for these mass social injustices and civil rights violations. If the Muslims were caging over 800,000 Americans per year for non-violent marijuana crimes, our Christian army would label the offenders “terrorist” and immediately begin bombing.
I’m currently authoring an E-Book instructing citizens how to handle the first 72 hours after getting busted.  A section of my book deals with police, judges and prosecutors having no conscience.  The new FBI statistics reported above supports my claim. Here is an unedited excerpt from the book:
“I recently read the national best seller, “The Sociopath Next Door”, by Dr. Martha Stout, PH.D.  I totally agree when she states 1 out of 25 Americans is secretly a sociopath.  A sociopath is a person with no conscience. Sociopaths won’t necessarily murder you but if they do, they won’t feel bad about the crime and will justify their actions.  There are millions of sociopaths who have never committed a crime but they have murdered reputations, families and lives as they lie, cheat and manipulate to advance their personal agenda.  Sociopaths are exactly what you are dealing with regarding police, jailers, prosecutors, judges and most lawyers.  I’m teaching you this so you know your enemy.  You must get it through your head that these people do not have a conscience and they don’t feel sorry about ruining your life by unnecessarily torturing you in the hands of their Christian courts.
My mother instilled a strong sense of conscience in me and then I was separated from her at an early age.  I have since regained my conscience that was seared during my tour as one of our nation’s top drug enforcement agents.  This sociopathic attitude was echoed by my cop friends, prosecutors and judges who would privately announce “Fuck them.  They are trash and shouldn’t be breaking the law.  I don’t feel a bit sorry for them. Lock ‘em all up and do God a favor.”
It’s so embarrassing for me to share this because my behavior was mean and evil and I’m not that person any longer.  I’m sorry for what I did so it’s my duty to share this with you so you realize who and what you are dealing with in terms of American law enforcement.  Don’t’ expect any mercy during your arrest and the lengthy court process because sociopaths have no mercy.
I cringe every time I hear the following lie that has been repeated so many times, it’s accepted as truth:  ‘There are only a few cops, prosecutors and judges who make the rest look bad.’  This simply isn’t true. The reason all cops, prosecutors and judges are bad is because they enforce a penal code that is archaic, unfair, racist, biased, cruel, and designed to control the masses.  Any adult who receives a paycheck and props themselves up as a community leader while enforcing such a cruel system is “bad” or sociopathic.
The large concentration of sociopaths in the American criminal justice system is a generational phenomenon created when a patrolman in the 1930’s was rewarded for his conscienceless behavior and promoted to Chief of Police who then hired and promoted other sociopaths and fired and demoted the officers who have a conscience.  This pattern was repeated for several generations and has led to a large number of mindless, overweight murderers and molesters who are in charge of our sacred American justice system.”
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