Freezing Weather and Eureka Cops Continue To Terrorize People in the Bush

Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:21 AM
To: Garr Nielsen
Subject: homeless and freezing weather

Dear Chief Nielsen,

Again I must complain about the work that [Murl] Harpham and Sanchez do out in the bush. Sanchez wielding a machete around homeless people who's only "crime" is poverty and Harpham with his ridiculous "holier than thou" attitude do nothing to bring real safety or respect to this community.

Yesterday these officers walked out to a camp that has been kept clean and without heavy drugs, etc.and told the people there that they must be out by 1pm today or their camp would be destroyed with the machete Sanchez held. Where are
these people to go?

We have freezing weather upon us. There is no plan for sheltering on an emergency basis and the housing plan of this city clearly discriminates against the poor, so more homelessness is on the way. What is the plan to "control" the
larger numbers when the financial meltdown finally hits?

Many cities have been sued for inhumanely rousting homeless people during a weather crisis. If anyone dies as the result of police activity during this time coming I will personally pursue litigation.

Respectfully yours,
Kathy Anderson


How the Chief of Police in Eureka responds to my complaint about his officers terrorizing people in the bush:

I am doing all I can to find a resolution to this issue. I suggest you contact the rescue mission and john shelter, both of whom have space of available. Bottom line is that these persons are trespassing on private property [?????] and have no right to be there. Perhaps you could accommodate them? It is no different than someone using your car without your permission because they have no car of their own. This is not a police issue.

Garr Nielsen
Chief of Police
Eureka Police Department
707-267-4700 (CELL)

[Question Marks next to Chief's claim about "private property" from Redwood Curtain CopWatch]