Eureka Cop, Alan Aubuchon, Ignores 215 Recommendations

I was arrested by Officer Aubuchon, of the Eureka Police Department. He found my medical pipe and 1/2gram of medical marijuana, that I purchased from a dispensary. Officer Aubuchon then tells me that this is illegal to have drugs or drug paraphernalia.  So I then told him that I am a medical marijuana patient, I have my prescription in my back pocket and my state card in my front pocket. He looked at them then laughed. Waiving them in my face he told me haha we here in Eureka do not recognize 215. Several times he informed me that Eureka does not recognize 215. I was then handcuffed arrested and placed in the back of the squad car, then taken to County Jail. That's where I had to post bail. IRONICALLY the Humboldt County Health Department, that handles the California state medical marijuana card, in this region, is located in Eureka. Plus there is one dispensary in Eureka, and currently plans for another. So I hope Officer Aubuchon doesn't sit outside the dispensary and arrest all the patients that leave the medical facility.

This police officer should have to pay my bail and my lawyer fees back, then give me my medicine and medicating device that he took. He should be terminated from his job. Rookie police officers should go through a 3 year trial period. In which they would follow around senior officers with outstanding records to gain first hand experience into their field. The rookie cop thinks he's gonna change the world with every person he can arrest, the rookies are so naive, and abuse their power.


Just google officer delmar tompkins who is a rookie cop at HSU and you are correct.