RALLY To Stop Highway Expansion Through Richardson Grove This Monday, February 21st

Richardson Grove Action Now invites all to a rally on Monday, February 21st, to stop the highway expansion through Richardson Grove State Park.

Expose CalTrans' lies and misinformation campaign!

Monday's rally will begin at NOON in the Garberville Town Square.

Rideshares to and from Garberville.

Bring anything you want to express yourself!

Resist Invasion!

For more info contact Richardson Grove Action Now, call
(707) 602-7551 or email rgroveactionnow@gmail.com.

Richardson Grove Action Now literature exposing CalTrans LIES and misinformation coming soon!

Richardson Grove Action Now pamphlet: http://www.box.net/shared/6xyyml02vu


ARCATA: meet between 10-10:15am at the Arcata Corp-Op kiosk (bulletin board in the parking lot) if you need or can offer a ride

EUREKA: meet between 10:15-10:30am in the lot between Eureka Natural Foods and Walgreens if you need or can offer a ride


about Richardson Grove Action Now:

Prevent Highway Expansion


Through Richardson Grove!


California Department of Transportation [CalTrans] is

moving forward with federally-funded plans to widen

Highway 101 through Richardson Grove State Park.

We have exhausted many procedural avenues in our

attempts to stop the plan. We believe that a grassroots

movement committed to direct action against this

disastrous and destructive project is key to protecting

the autonomy of our rural communities.

Keep corporate and government entities from

dominating and bullying us, determining the fate

of the forest, seas, skies and our lives.

Richardson Grove Action Now!!!


We are a diverse group of folks who urge you to

organize with us. For more info on upcoming events

and how you can act to stop the highway expansion

through Richardson Grove, contact


Richardson Grove Action Now!


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