You may ask, "What does saving the grove have to do with the police state?"....well....lets start from the beginning... The Interstate Highways were initially implemented by Eisenhower. How did he come up with the idea of these interstate highways? He got his grandiose plan from an army convoy he participated in, and from inspirations he got from Germany's autobahn, which he got to see because he was in the military during WWII. The history of the highways are rooted in militarization. Eisenhower's plan for the highways was even named "The National Defense Highway", this system was designed to move military equipment and personnel with greater efficiency and create a broader reach for the military.

Why would CalTrans, with a plan funded by the Federal government in millions (billions?), change a road that leads to no real commercial businesses, while claiming it is to aide in heavy commercial transportation? Why would CalTrans destroy ancient redwoods, of which there are so few left already (less than 3%of the original redwood old growth remains!!!) ? Why would CalTrans not care about the legislation of preservation for State Parks, and not care about the fragile ecology of this rich biodiverse life?

The feds want in to our Redwood Curtain! The Pacific Northwest culture of coastal northern, redwooded California has consistently been a hotbed of grassroots collective organization, spurring change that is both reflective and inspiring to movements across our State and Nationwide. We have continuously thwarted attempts at the militarization of our communities and have had the forested roads as a blockage to massive industrial militarization, and as a bottleneck for access to the rest of the coast. The feds are consistently trying to access our roads, gain entryway into our hills and stop whatever communities spurrin' up that do not fit with their accordance. They disguise their plan under the veil of helping commercial interests, which is problematic, to say the least, for communities that have intentionally and geographically isolated themselves from corporate exploitation. This in itself is catering to the big money, big corporations. Looking through history we have seen the use of sanctioned state violence to protect corporate holdings, such as with the barons of the industrial age. Big Corporations have no vested interest in a region locally or geographically. Their concern is for their ever increasing profit, and making sure their gains are consistently on the up. Redwood trees stand in their way, so they propose to cut them down, pave the ancient ones' roots, so that trucks can constantly drive over them (when even our own fragile FOOTsteps have been known to be damaging to their root systems). The trees that stand in the way of big corporate gains are symbolic, the State would rather destroy these ancient legends down, irregardless of their natural worth, their beauty, or their genocide. What happens when people get in their way???? The project, even its disguise, is a disgusting attempt at destroying what we naturally have.

Cal Trans is already “straightening” out the two main highways to our east, Highways. 199 and 299, making them Redwood Curtain more easily to invade from that direction. Obama is increasing collaboration between Homeland Security and local police. Be it the greed of corporate exploiters, the controlling forces of Federal police (ICE, DEA, FBI), or the tanks of the Military trying to come into this region or have easier passage through, Richardson Grove, as it is and has been for thousands of years, is a primary blockade that we must protect. NO BUSTING THROUGH THE REDWOOD CURTAIN FOR MILITARIZATION!


Written by Redwood Curtain CopWatch in October, 2010 to be included in the Zine for the 2010 Days of Action Against Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation.


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