On October 23, 2010, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 in the Bay area organized a Shut Down of the Ports and Rally in protest of the murder of Oscar Grant and in resistance to police violence, especially against youth of color, and the violence and pervasiveness of the Prison Industrial Complex.  Read below a Solidarity Statement from Japanese Railworkers. Below that is a strong VIDEO of the Press Conference About the Shut Down and Rally.



Japan Railworkers Doro-Chiba Statement To ILWU Local 10 Initiated Rally For Justice For Oscar Grant

Message to Justice For Oscar Grant Rally
We send you heartfelt greetings from Japan across the ocean to brothers and sisters of ILWU Local 10 and other friends, gathering here.

We remember we saw in video with indignation brother Oscar Grant, a young worker, pushed on the ground face down and shot dead by police in cold blood.

The news have excited us that ILWU Local 10 are holding a rally to denounce the police brutality in defense of justice for Oscar Grant and to declare shut-down of ports, calling upon workers and labor unions in the region of Oakland.

The global economic crisis compels the state power to resort to naked violence on the oppressed people more and more brutally. Discrimination and division of working people are the usual way of the ruling class to materialize its class will.

Therefore, it is the urgent task of labor unions to rise up for a struggle to break down discrimination and division, gathering angry voices of the workers who are suffering under destruction of all public service facilities (education, etc), privatization, outsourcing and dismantling of social welfare system (health care, pension, etc). “Docks without discrimination” realized and maintained by ILWU is our model to be expanded to the whole society and the world over.

The first African American president was born in the US, while in Japan a Democratic administration has replaced the Liberal-Democratic rule that had enjoyed “Millennium Imperialism” for the first time. But both of these bourgeois administration which are entrusted to deal with the desperate aftermath of the neo-liberal offensives have been revealed to be fake “reformers” day by day.

Workers can definitely change the politics of union busting, privatization and war if they are firmly united beyond race and border.

In Japan also, we are confronted with severe repression by the police on labor movement, student movement and farmers’ movement. Now labor union is required to fulfill its historical task by all means.

Doro-Chiba is resolutely determined to fight back the offensive of overall outsourcing, in which neo-liberalist policy is most typically materialized.

The rights and justice of workers as well as their angry voices against war could not be prevented by the state power repression.

Let’s unite together across the ocean.

Stop Police Brutality!

Defend Jobs and Public Education!

Stop Wars and Repression!

Workers of The World, Unite!

In solidarity

October 23, 2010

National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba
President: TANAKA Yasuhiro


Oakland Press Conference by ILWU Local 10 on Oscar Grant Rally Oct 23, 2010