ORGANIZING & CONNECTING Around Upcoming Civil Trial in Oakland: Cotton v. Eureka Police and Humboldt Sheriff's

The federal civil trial regarding the deadly beating by police of Eureka homeless resident, Martin Cotton, was postponed (We learned mid-December) .  The new date was set for September 12th. 

Now there is more time to organize.

We have been getting together with groups and individuals in the Bay area to spread the word about Martin Cotton and the trial.  Also, we've been connecting to strategize and talk about how our communities are struggling against police violence.  And how we can strengthen our efforts.  So far, while the situations we are dealing with are so intense, our encounters in the Bay area have been enriching experiences! 

Martin and his daughter Siehna

Please help organize or connect us with meetings or events, fundraisers, or presentations where we can inform people about the Martin Cotton trial, generate support prior and during the trial, and build a stronger movement all around against state violence and murder. 

We know that the trial about the murder of Martin Cotton will not be until after February 2011, so please help us organize meetings and events when you can!


Redwood Curtain CopWatch: 
(707) 633-4493


Seeking HELP Regarding a Short Informational Tour before Martin Cotton Trial:

The Death of Martin "Fred" Cotton II:

Listen to "Cotton Day"  song of rememberance:



I wrote Remembering Martin Cotton on my bike trailer and rode many miles that way. I also wrote Remembering Cheri Moore, and Chris Burgess. I was also assaulted by Humboldt County Police while in a jail cell. They beat me up really bad and charged me with assault. I am still suffering from that beating and I want justice