3rd Humboldt ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR! Dec. 11th (Schedule included)

3rd Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair:
Manila Community Center, 1611 Peninsula Drive, Manila CA

Update from Humboldt Grassroots

Update for the 3rd Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair


12-7-10 Here is a tentative schedule of events for the day:
There will be free food and the Kids Corner will have book reading and a pupet show.Speakers and workshops, two at a time in rooms (a) and (b):

10 am: (a) Radical Mental Health with Sacia from The Icarus Project and (b) Steve Ongerth speaking about his new book One Big Union: Judi Bari’s Vision of Green-Worker Alliances in Redwood Country

11am: (a) Modesto Anarcho will talk about their projects and (b) CCAT will give a presentation

12 noon: (a) Jessica W will facilitate a discusion on Anarcha Feminism and (b) Merideth B will share information about protest safety tactics

1pm: (a) Steve will talk about squater rights and (b) S.F. Bay Area IWW workers will talk about their strugles for workers’ rights.

2pm: (a) Militarism Panel and (b) Deppen Webber is back from Palestine, he will present about his activity with the Free Palestine

3pm: (a) Long Haul will talk about their new book People’s Park, Still Blooming and (b) Earth First Humboldt will give a presentation

4pm: (a) Jake will give a presentation about the Modern school Movement and (b) Kristian Williams author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in American will give a presentation called Cop Killers and Killer Cops.

5pm: (a) Anarchist Movement Building and (b) Subversive Media’s new movie "The Chicago Conspiracy"

Hello everybody,

We are going to be having many interesting workshops and speakers this year and we wanted to give you a little taste of what’s in store.

Folks from Long Haul Infoshop are going to be talking about People’s Park Still Blooming, edited by Terri Compost. People’s Park was a vacant lot seized in 1969 by activists in order to build a park. This park would also come to serve as a counter-cultural experiment that continues to have a lasting impact in the area.

We are also going to have a showing of The Chicago Conspiracy, a film about post-Pinochet Chile and the social war that is taking place there.  We’re planning to have a discussion after the the film as well.

In addition, Kristian Williams, the author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police Power in America and American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination  will give a talk and discussion called Killer Cops and Cop Killers.

CCAT (Campus Center for Appropriate Technology) will be putting on an awesome appropriate technology workshop.

Steve Ongerth will discuss his new book, One Big Union: In The Redwood Empire.

Paul Lerudee from the Gaza Freedom Flotillas will give a presentation of his experiences on the Flotilla mission. 

Steven, a veteran squatter from Oakland, California is giving a workshop on squatting.

Your very own Humboldt Grassroots will be hosting a workshop on what is Anarchism and Anarchist movement building.

Jessica Whatcott will be doing an Anarcha-feminist Workshop.

Don’t forget about the return of Anarcho-Santa!

And Isaac Bluefoot will put on a puppet show in kids corner of the main hall for everyone!

We hope to see you there!

If you want to get in contact with us:

Call 707.616.4700 (six one six four seven zero zero) or email humboldtgrassroots@riseup.net

If you would like to help with the Book Fair:

here are some things we could use help with:

Help get together other needed stuff such as tables, food connections, volunteers.

Be a contact person for your group or workshop that you want at the book fair

Tasks that need to be done the day of the book fair.

Volunteer: cook food not bombs, greet people with a bio (+answer questions) , or be a schedule keeper.


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