May 13, 2010: Anniversary of the bombing of MOVE! STOP POLICE TERROR!

25th Anniversary of Bombing of MOVE!     STOP POLICE TERROR!


This year marks 25 YEARS since the bombing of our FAMILY! MOVE is delivering MURDER complaints to Seth Williams (Philadelphia’s First Black District Attorney) at 9:00am on May 12th, CHARGING officials with the VICIOUS MURDER of 11 INNOCENT MOVE family members!

There will be a 10:00 am press conference at the AFSC, located at 15th & Cherry Sts., about the MURDER COMPLAINTS.

There will also be a 6:00 pm program at the African-American Museum, located at 7th & Arch Sts., which includes the screening of 2 Films On MOVE.

Following, on Sunday, May 16th, there will be a CHILDREN’S PLAY performed by the MOVE children at The Rotunda, located at 40th& Walnut Sts., directly behind the Bridge Movie Theatre.

For more INFO please contact:
P.O. BOX 19709
PHILA., PA. 19143 or call (215) 387-4107



Suggestions as to what YOU can do in your community: 

Regarding the MOVE 9 prisoners:  Urge journalists (radio, television & print) to seek interviews with the parole board and question them about denying a person parole because the person won't say that they're guilty. If the parole board starts getting questioned by the media about this issue they'll feel some heat.


Write letters to the editors of local newspapers and call in to as many radio talk shows as possible about the bombing and the ongoing imprisonment of The MOVE 9. This is something people can do all year long.


Screen video documentaries about MOVE and MOVE interviews so people get involved in action for the MOVE 9 prisoners and


RIZZO: Get Out or Die!