Video from Jan 20, 2010 Protest in San Francisco: HOUSEKEYS NOT HANDCUFFS!

This Is A Social Justice Movement!


On January 20th, courageous people from Portland to Eureka to LA took to the stormy streets of San Francisco to demand House Keys Not Handcuffs!


Watch this powerful video of WRAP Director Paul Boden on why we're building a national movement from the bottom-up:



What We Want

On housing

1) Immediately restore All Federal Government affordable housing program
funding to comparable 1978 allocation levels. With an emphasis on HUD's
Public Housing and Project-based Sect 8, USDA new unit construction, and
the National Housing Trust Fund program.


2) Enact a moratorium on the demolition, conversion or destruction of ANY
publicly funded units until federal law guarantees one for one replacement
at existing affordability rates.

3) Ensure adequate funding for operations of public housing to prevent
unit loss, high vacancy rates, and substandard living conditions.

On civil rights

1) Stop police and business improvement zone programs that enforce
"nuisance" or "quality of life" crimes. These programs criminalize and
remove homeless, poor, people of color, and disabled members of our

2) Call for DOJ to respond to LA community request for investigation of
discriminatory police enforcement under the Safer Cities Initiative that
targets homeless, poor, people of color and disabled community residents.

3) Ensure that the more than 914,000 homeless children in our public
schools are able to stay at their "home school," are fully integrated with
their housed peers, and are provided the support they need to learn and

4) Stop any and all questions regarding a person's immigration status when
they are requesting housing, health care, emergency shelter or services.